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Industry-defining SinoFoldingCarton2015 to soon open in Dongguan

Friday, Sep 11, 2015

Ten Years of Folding Carton Development, SinoFoldingCarton Enjoys Intense Industry Attention


Back in 2006, the foldingcarton industry saw the inaugural edition of SinoFoldingCarton in China. Since then, the impressive showcase has established deep roots in the country, bringing new technologies, techniques, equipment, markets, customers and business opportunities to the foldingcarton trade. Today, the brilliance continues. The 2015 edition of SinoFoldingCarton will be the 10thorganized by Reed Exhibitions.The show will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan fromSeptember 16 to September 18. This annual event will continue to drive the foldingcarton industry forward and attract industry-wide attention with its high value and advanced equipment displays.

In recent years, influenced by the economic crisis, China’s foldingcarton industry has sought to sustain development during trying times. A number of difficulties like spending restrictions, funding shortages, soaring oil prices, and scarcity of raw materials are restricting the development of the industry. Foldingcarton companiesoften face low profits, losses or even bankruptcy. Todevelop, the industry must be innovative and find creative solutions to adversity. SinoFoldingCarton 2015 will featurea solutions showcaseand a design show area of foldingcarton ideas to help packaging companies innovate commercial modalities and open new profit growth points.

SparingNo Effort in Building a High-End Event to Attract Global Attention

SinoFoldingCarton 2015 will span 25,000 sqm, bringing over 300 well-known companies from across the industry to showcase 600+ sets of equipment with advancedcapabilities and high performance-price ratios.There will also be 800+ kinds of consumables, covering various production processes and technological proceduresfor paper packaging products like folding cartons, hard cartons and paper bags.

The Exhibition integrates procurement, technology, information, commerce, and education, focusing on new information and advanced technology of paper packaging products.It alsogivescompaniesquality solutions to energy saving, high productivity, transformation and upgrades.This helps foldingcarton manufacturers improve procurement efficiency and cut investment costs. It is a key platform for companies to open up new markets and enhance profit growth points.

Preliminary statistics show that the exhibition will attract over 18,000 local and international visitors, including a large number of participants with high procurement budgets and purchasing intent. Visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam will attend to learn about new equipment, connect with suppliers and fulfill their procurement demand.

SinoFoldingCarton will attract a large number of international customers and be supported by many overseas packaging and printing associations, as well as trade media.For example, Iran Packaging &Printing Media, the Vietnam Packaging Association, the All India Printing Business Federation, the Printing Association of Indonesia, and the Sri Lanka Printing Association will cover and participate in the show.

Promoting aOne-Stop Solution, Focused On Three Major Areas

The exhibition is a one-stop solution, providing companies with quality solutions to save energy, boost productivity, and support transformation/upgrades.It also helps folding carton manufacturers improve procurement efficiency and cut back on investment costs. It is a key channel via which to open up new markets and enhance profit growth points.It is also an important business platform for printing and packaging companies to understand folding carton, cardboard and paper bag upgrade processes.Through this show, companies can open up new business growth points, obtain high-marginorders and transform themselves.

The exhibition will featurehigh performance-price ratio folding carton processing equipment and brands from consumables suppliers.It will alsofacilitate product upgradesby packaging enterprises and support energy saving, as well as greater productivity.By joining SinoFoldingCarton 2015, companies add value to their products.

The exhibition will helpcompanies broaden business channels within a limited budget.Folding carton manufacturers can produce paper bags by installing bag making machines in the original production line.They can also make hard boxes by installing rigid box making machines in the original production line.Paper bag manufacturers can produce folding cartonsby installing gluing machines and surface processing equipment in the original production line.They can also make hard boxes by installing a rigid box making machine in the original production line.Carton manufacturers can make paper bags by installing a paper bag making machine into their original production line.Alternately, they can make folding cartonsby installing gluing machines in the original production line, thus optimizing the production structure and achieving transformation /upgrades.

The exhibition will also feature special zones for paper bag solutions, quality solutions and creative designs.We look forward to highlighting these.The diverse solutions will include tiny jewelry boxes, standard size jewelry boxes, moon cake boxes, tea boxes, fine milk bags, cosmetic boxes, food packaging boxes, medicine boxes and more.

In addition, there will be three special zones: The Printing Consumables and Parts Zone, The Packaging Paper Zone and the Digit Printing/Packaging Testing Zone.These will help packaging and printing companies better investigate brands and products and find purchasing objectives, as well as suppliers, to provide a more efficient, convenient one-stop procurement platform through this impressive foldingcarton event.

Engaging On-SiteActivities and Rich Content

The exhibition will feature a high number of well-known equipment suppliers, demonstrating a variety of advanced technologies, products and solutions.They will also present over a dozen excellentcomplementary activities.

On September 15, the Green Paper Packaging Summit Forum will be heldat the Regal Palace Hotel in Dongguan, from 13:00 to 17:30. This will be the first industry platform to promote environmentally sensitive technologies and top packaging designs.

On September 16, the 2015 Application and Development Forum of Digital Packaging Printing Technology will focus on interpreting development trends of packaging and printing, forecast application prospects of digital packaging, and analyzes market opportunities brought about by digital technologies and value-added packaging technologies.The Marketing Forum for China Packaging and Printing Industry Entrepreneurs will provide packaging firmswith the most practical business management consulting solutions.

On September 17, the 2015 Creative Design and Printing Technology Exchange will take place, aiming to make product text writers and industry personnel understand how to present creative designs with accurate printing processes.Theforum titled“Looking to the Future, Equipping China and Convening the world: The 2015 Internet+Packaging Industry Summit Forum”will closely look at marketing channels under Internet thinking.The forum titled Focus on India: Roundtable Conference of Asia Packaging and Printing Market Trends will convene over 50 leading foldingcarton and hard box enterprise leaders and major agents in India to build a platform to promote matching of China exhibitors with their internationalcounterparts, including Indian foldingcarton and hard box manufacturing enterprises.

The Creative Carton Design Show will be a centralized featureof a variety of excellent design products, including folding carton and packaging products, hardcover and hard box packaging products and luxury packaging boxes.The Creative Cultural Industry Development Tour of folding carton factories will visit Lijia Packaging (Shenzhen).The “Searching for Someone Group Photo Activity” will be an opportunity to take photos with exhibitors of interest to you andpotentially win aniWatch.“EnjoyYour Time, Enjoy Delicious Cuisine”will allow show participantsto enjoy one another’s company, together with tasty dishes, during the afternoon.

From September 16 to September 18, SinoFoldingCarton 2015 will be held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, in Houjie, Dongguan.Join this fantastic event of unprecedented scale, excellent exhibits and tremendous value!

About SinoFoldingCarton—SinoFoldingCartonis a major industry event of foldingcarton finishing processing equipment and consumables.It is a leading folding carton trade show in Asia-Pacific. The exhibition spans 25,000 sqm, convening over 300 well-known enterprises.600+ sets of equipment with advanced capabilities and high performance-price ratio will be featured.There will also be over 800 kinds of consumables, covering information and advanced technologies related to various paper-packaging products.This show gives companies quality solutions to save energy, boost productivity in post-processing, improve procurement efficiency and cut back on investment costs. This is the trusted international trade platform for companies to learn the latest technological information in the industry.

For more information, visit the official SinoFoldingCarton 2015 website: http://www.sino-folding

About Reed Exhibitions Greater China

Reed Exhibitions Greater China is an affiliate of Reed Exhibitions, the latter of which has over 3,700 employees worldwide. Globally, Reed organizesover 500 exhibitions in 43 countries, serving 43 industries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Africa with its exhibitions and portfolio of conferences. In 2014, Reed attracted over 7 million participants from around the world, helping customers to complete transactions worth billions of dollars. Reed Exhibitions is a member of the RELX Group, a provider of professional information and work process programs.The RELXGroup’s businesses cover science, medicine, law, risk control and B2B business fields.

Across 30 years of rapid development, Reed Exhibitions Greater China has grown into China's foremost exhibition organizer with nine outstanding member companies today: ReedExpo China, Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions, Reed Huaqun Exhibitions, Shanghai Lixin Exhibitions, Beijing ReadExpo Guanghe Exhibitions, Reed Huabai Exhibitions, Henan ReedExpo Hongda Exhibitions, and ReedExpo China Kuozhan.

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