Packaging and Pet Innovation Awards For Pet Engineering in Milan and Nuremberg

PET Engineering’s packaging innovators have won the World Beverage Innovation Award for LUX in the “Best Bottle in Pet” category and the “Le Fonti Award” for Innovation & Leadership in the packaging sector in just a few days.

San Vendemiano (Treviso), 29 November – It has been a highly satisfying end to 2016 for PET Engineering, the Treviso-based company specialised in creative and feasible packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries. First public success for the fourth edition of PET Vision, held in Moscow on 13th October then the interest shown in the projects presented at Brau Beviale and Gulfood Manufacturing and lastly two important awards confirming the company's leadership in the packaging innovation sector in PET packaging development.


PET Engineering, a leading company in the design and industrialization of PET packaging, won its fourth Packaging Oscar - Quality Design category - for its 9.3, a pasteurized beer bottle that combines design, innovation and accessibility.

San Vendemiano (Treviso), April 26, 2016,– PET Engineering, an international leading design company for the design and industrialization of PET packaging – received the prestigious 2016 Packaging Oscar - Quality Design category - last Friday at the headquarters of the “Corriere della Sera” in Milan, thus adding on those already achieved in 2011, 2013 and 2015.


San Vendemiano, 8th February 2016 - On January 12 in Zhengzhou, strategic city for the food and beverage sector located in the central plains of the People's Republic of China, was held the conference to launch the first brand dedicated to the mineral water of Yake Food, a leader in the candy industry.

Among the 500 entrepreneurs and business partners present was Moreno Barel, C.E.O. of PET Engineering, who was invited to present the packaging chosen by Yake Food for its "Changbai Springs" brand, premium water that comes from the emerging need expressed by Chinese consumers to use more and more high quality products.


San Vendemiano (Treviso), Monday 4th April 2016 – PET Engineering, international leader company in the design and industrialisation of packaging in PET - the most widely used plastic for packaging with an ever greater presence in the food, detergents and cosmetics sectors - with its founder and pioneer Moreno Barel's 30 years experience in the sector, is evolving its image.

New PET packaging for Amstel Malta, Climax and Maltina

A growing number of bottlers are discovering the many benefits of using PET for the packaging of their products; its advantages such as infrangibility, safety during production, transport and use, and the higher lightness have encouraged Nigerian Breweries (Heineken Operating Company in Nigeria) to commission PET Engineering’s team for the extension of their Climax, Amstel Malta and Maltina brand packaging to PET.   
The order provided important restrictions including the need to use a preform that was readily available on the market to create unique shapes that stand out on the shelf and enhance the brand’s impact in a package type in which the brand was previously not present, while maintaining such dimensions to prevent changes on the bottling line and make containers able to withstand the pasteurization process till 30PU at 61 °C.  
The project, which started with the technical design of the containers and, in particular, with the study of a low petaloid able to withstand the internal pressure at which the container was then subjected during the pasteurization cycle, mainly involved the staff of the Laboratory and in particular Fiorenza Ferrero, R&D researcher.


"The first step of the project – said Fiorenza Ferrero - was to build the specific equipment to reproduce as closely as possible the client's industrial pasteurization process. After having validated the method through numerous tests, we took into consideration different types of resins that would allow the realization of a PET container able to withstand the pasteurization process normally used for glass bottles. After choosing the resin with the highest IV (intrinsic  viscosity), in order to limit the deformation after filling and heating treatment, we prototyped different batches of bottle samples, which were tested and subjected to pasteurization in order to identify the best performing combination between bottle design and resin. The result was three PET containers obtained using a single type of preform, with a visually elegant petaloid base able to respect the rigid specifications of Heineken. The project was completed with the delivery of four mold series for the Ota plant”.

P.E.T. Engineering presented its materials and injection consultancy services at Brau Beviale 2015

San Vendemiano, 20th November 2015 - P.E.T. Engineering presented its new materials and injection processes consultancy services for the first time at the Brau Beviale International Fair with the goal of supplying bottlers and converters with practicable solutions from granules all the way through to bottles on shelves.

P.E.T. Engineering and the excellence in PET

P.E.T. Engineering will present its consulting services on innovative materials at the Brau Beviale 2015: because the quality of every bottle has to do also with its material.

San Vendemiano, 29th September 2015 – The quality of a bottle, its aesthetic appearance and its mechanical performance, also passes through the quality of the material with which it is achieved. Often, in fact, a good design collides with an improper use of materials that turn out not to be suitable to the liquid or interfere with the barrier properties that the liquid inside needs to maintain unchanged. Badly chosen materials may even react unexpectedly when combined with a certain colorant.

P.E.T. Engineering for Fonte Essenziale. Wellbeing in two glasses

San Vendemiano 9 July 2015 - Ferrarelle SpA, Italian mineral water bottling company, owner of the Ferrarelle, Vitasnella, Boario, Santagata and Natia brands launched Fonte Essenziale in March, a mineral water of thermal origin with beneficial effects on the hepatobiliary and intestinal systems, the most important of the waters administered at the Terme di Boario for hydropinic treatments. The problems and ailments related to liver and intestine are in fact widespread and particularly felt in Italy and, to help solve these difficulties, the company wanted to offer a remedy innovative in its simplicity: a natural mineral water with strong functional properties, recognized by the Ministry of Health with two special decrees.

P.E.T Engineering wins the 2015 Packaging Oscar for Quality Design with Devin - Crystal Line.

Devin, who won the Beverage Innovation Award as Best Bottle in PET, has been awarded the Special Prize for QUALITY DESIGN at the Packaging Oscars.

San Vendemiano 21 May 2015 - P.E.T. Engineering wins for the third time the Packaging Oscar after the editions of 2011 and 2013, where participated with eco-friendly, lightweight and recycled PET projects.

The award ceremony, which took place on May 20 at Ipack - Ima, rewarded six companies in the "Technology" section, the main theme of the contest this year, and awarded three special mentions: Environment, subject of the Oscars in 2013, Quality Design, theme of the 2014 edition, and the Overall Award.

A new packaging for Zagorka

Heineken entrusts P.E.T. Engineering the development of the new packaging for its Zagorka, the only "special" beer of Bulgaria.

San Vendemiano, 07th May 2015 – Zagorka, part of the Heineken Group, is the heir of centuries of devotion to excellence of the big brewers, excellence to which was added a touch of originality that has enabled it to become the only "special "beer in Bulgaria.

Zagorka is the beer of a less ordinary taste characterized by a distinctive bitterness and a rich aroma, the result of the perfect balance of two different types of hops: these characteristics make it particularly appreciated by young people between 20 and 30 years who love to experience all that life can offer.


The SUSPACK project for sustainable packaging

San Vendemiano, 28th March 2015 – P.E.T. Engineering, a company specialized in the design and industrialization of PET containers, successfully concludes the project SUSPACK “SUStainable PACKaging through PET reduction and alternative materials”.

Pet Conquers New Territories

P.E.T. Engineering projects, put forward as alternatives to glass, aluminium and HDPE, won acclaim and awards at BrauBeviale.
San Vendemiano, 24 Novembre 2014. The response from bottlers to the four P.E.T. Engineering projects presented at BrauBeviale 2014 in Nuremberg from the 11th to the 13th of November proposing PET as a valid alternative to the usual materials used for premium water, beer and milk bottling was first-rate.

PET: An excellent alternative

In the course of the last year, as well as winning many awards in recognition of its low environmental impact packaging creations, P.E.T Engineering has also worked on projects which could help people to see PET as a valid alternative to glass, aluminium and HDPE both in terms of mechanical performance and appearance.



Devin, the best selling and best known mineral water brand in Bulgaria, has chosen the P.E.T. Engineering design team to develop its new packaging for the launch of its Devin - Crystal Line a water intended for the HO.RE.CA sector.

P.E.T. Engineering is Cribis D&B Rating 1

P.E.T. Engineering has obtained the highest financial reliability index “Rating 1 D&B ” certificate from Cribis D&B.

P.E.T. Engineering: a year of growth Increased turnover, important awards and new recruitments: that is how an SME grows

San Vendemiano, 4th March 2014 - P.E.T. Engineering, specialized in the design and manufacturing of PET containers, closed an extremely positive 2013 with an increase in turnover of 45% compared to the previous year, and a 15% EBITDA.


San Vendemiano, 20th November 2013. P.E.T. Engineering awarded in the category “Best Packaging Innovation” at the Global Bottled Water Awards 2013, held in Nashville on November 13 during the 10th Global Bottled Water Congress.