Athos Semi Automatic Machine

ATHOS is a semi-automatic machine that has been designed to apply double-sided tape in automatic way, with manual feeding. This semi automatic tape application machine consists of a manual feeder for the application of the double-sided tape on any type of paper support, corrugated, cardboard, corrugated, PVC, plastic, wood.

The flexibility of the production makes innovative folding and gluing machines crucial for the recognition of envelops postcards, folders, boxes, shopper bags etc.

Athos is created using two applicators, RAP, and group of wheels on the output roller and delivery table:

Format machine introduction: Max: 800 x 1050 mm
                                           Min: 100 x 100 mm

Min paper weight: 80 g/m²
Max paper weight: 800 g/m²
Mechanical Speed: 70 Mt/m


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