Double Sided Tape Rap Applicator

Doubled Sided Tape Rap Applicator is an applicator of any type of double-sided tape, be it tissue tape, acrylic, foam or TVC that fits to any type of machine. Double Sided Tape Applicator is designed to apply double-sided tape (Bi-Adhesive tape), acrylic, foam, PVC and transfer tape in automatic way on any kind of automatic or semi-automatic machines such as folder-gluer machines or simple suction belts or normal.

RAP automatic double sided tape is controlled by a very accurate and effective electro-pneumatic system that guarantees a linear application on any type of support used.

Technical Specifications:

Tape width (Min-Max): 9 mm – 25 mm and on request up to 50 mm
Min paper weight: 80 g/m²
Max paper weight: 800 g/m², all corrugated flute type: A, B, C, E, F, N, EB, EF and PVC.

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