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Form Bottle Labelling - FM

Form Bottle Labelling  - FM

FM–Fully automatic labelling of form bottles and cylindrical products. The basic concept of this system is to label products on both sides without using format sets. The adaptation to the respective product takes place by simple adjustment of the machine components. The associated advantages are short set-up times, high availability and multiple use in different production lines. The products are precisely aligned on the transport path to ensure a high placement accuracy of the labels. Label formats up to 250mm high and cycle rates up to 250 labels per minute are possible. This makes it easy to cover a wide range of products.

The basic bottle labelling machine includes lateral labelling of shaped bottles. This can be done either on one or two sides. Some bottle closures even offer additional labelling from above. An all-round module is available as an extension to the system to enable cylindrical products to be processed in addition to the actual shaped bottles. The module is available either as a 3-roll turning station (FM-DS) or as a lateral rotation belt (for higher power ranges) FM-RB or as a combination of the variants. An additional dispenser is not required usually.

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