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Labeling Machine for Test Tubes

Labeling Machine for Test Tubes

Labeling machine for test tubes

Basic concept of the system for labeling test tubes, laboratory tubes, samples:

With the fully automatic labeling system RML60pharma from b + b, tubes are precisely labeled around the circumference. The tubes are fed to the labeling machine system via a sorting and feeding station and separated. The tubes are transported to the labeling station via a conveyor belt. Compared to semi-automatic systems, a higher number of pieces can be achieved here. With the labeler, the tubes can be labeled lengthways as well as all around.

Our Test tube labeler are characterized by quality, durability and ease of use.

Additional modules:

The Labeling machine system can be enhance as desired to label printing systems such as thermal transfer printing systems, thermal inkjet devices (TIJ), inkjet coding systems (CIJ) or hot-stamping equipment. Optional vision systems guarantee quality criteria such as the presence and correctness of print data, label placement on your products and guarantee that complaints are eliminated from the start.

RMLpharma models




Tubes, test tubes, laboratory samples


up to 60 products / min

Equipment options:

  • TTO print module
  • Camera system (s)
  • Ejection station
  • Backup labeler
  • Magazines
  • Label presence station
  • Label removal station



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