In-Mold Label

In-Mold Label

BERHALTER has a worldwide new die-cutting tool concept for in-mold labels (IML). The new LABEL-light™ tool offers different advantages such as favourable tool costs and short lead times. The Berhalter LABEL-light™ punching tool is a patented tool concept combining the advantages of the flat-bed die-cutting such as unique print-to-die registration and perfect handling properties with the advantages of affordable tooling.

The cost for a LABEL-light™ punching tool is up to 70% lower compared to a traditional punching tool even allowing a label contour correction of +/- 0.5mm. Further, there is no need for re-grinding a LABEL-light™ tool – the operators can easily exchange the cutting components in order to continue production immediately.

This punching tool has been designed especially for a cost efficient production of small to medium size IML label volumes.

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