Web Guiding System

Web Guiding System

Web guiding system direct before die-cutting area

As a specialist in highly precise and multi-functional die-cutting tools, BERHALTER offers a perfect and individual product solution. High wear-resistant die-cutting tools round out the complete one-stop-shopping solution and combine optimal utilization of materials with high production output. Additional operations, such as a deep-drawing station, perforation station, groove and rib station, relief stamping station and pre-punching station for notches and moulding holes can be integrated into the die-cutting tools.

The range of application for BERHALTER die-cutting systems allow both intricate lid and label geometries as well as a wide range of different materials:

  • Flat packaging lids out of aluminum (down to 13 µ)
  • Deep drawn (recessed) packaging lids out of aluminum
  • Flat packaging lids out of aluminum (down to 20 µ)
  • Labels out of compounds of plastic and/or paper
  • Labels out of polypropylene (BOPP) and other for IML applications (less than 40µ)
  • Paper labels and lightweight cardboard packaging’s

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