ML1 and SL2 lamination & coating

ML1 and SL2 lamination & coating

Comexi has established itself as one of the cutting-edge manufacturer of industrial packaging in the development of solutions for coating and laminating. Our products COMEXI ML1 and Comexi SL2 are the world machines for the stringiest customers. Our products provide peerless proposal in terms of usability and facility to operate with. They provide the best performanceon lamination and coating.

The Comexi ML1 and SL2 meet the high standards that enable them to produce high productivity and efficiency. They contain consistent drying capacity, modular and adaptable features, high-technological trolleys.

Advantages of using COMEXI ML1 and SL2:

  • Automatic coupling of trolleys
  • 3-rollers lamination nip
  • Prodat data system
  • High technological trolleys
  • Fully integrated coatings weigh control
  • Turret winders for a non-stop production

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