Automatic Double Turret Slitters for Industry 4.0

New trend in automation is the cooperation with Customer and supplier through the Industry 4.0 protocol. Euromac machines are fully configured to comply with the integration into a customized information network allowing to increase productivity and traceability of the final product. The system also can monitor alarms and errors occurring in the process to implement a safer working environment.

Euromac has supplied various turn-key solutions together with global partners, complete with robotic roll handling systems, conveyors for palletizing and workflow monitoring.

On the slitter itself automatic core loading as well as automatic roll offloading is effected onboard, as well as the more commonly used auto knife setting capability.

The picture shows two Euromac automatic Double Turret slitters Model TB-3.06T2 with integrated handling platform.

Euromac develops its machine with flexibility and in straight connection to customer wishes. In all aspects of the slitting and rewind process, Euromac is providing advanced solutions to help the increase of productivity and ergonomics as well as safety aspects.

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