Company : IfKiV e.V.

Category : Specialised Packaging

CR Packaging Examples

IfKiV e. V. test products:


  • IfKiV-pre-tests of CR packaging: IfKiV e. V. offers clients to find the best CR alternative among different options in an economic way.
  • These tests are conducted in nursery schools with 4-6 children in a group. The children try to open several different packages including a reference package (of which we know the results in an IfKiV-full test).
  • IfKiV-full tests of CR packaging: According to the above standards full tests of CR packaging achieve the certificate needed for approval or market launch.
  • These tests are conducted in nursery schools with pairs of children aged 42-51 months over a period of 10 minutes and with seniors aged 50-70 years in different testing facilities.

Other Products

Peter Dlugi (Vice President) - testing with a pair of children