HOTpacs boxes & trays

HOTpacs boxes & trays



For the fast food and hospitality events operator, LINPAC offers a wide range of hinged boxes and trays which are ideal for a hot snack on the go or take-away meal.


Manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), HOTpacs have been designed to keep contents warm and their unique air flow technology prevent foods, such as fish and chips, going soggy or sticking to the box, ensuring customers can enjoy the same quality food as they bought on site.


Available in a variety of sizes, with single or multi-cavity designs, HOTpacs ensure food is well presented and provides for accurate portion control to maximise profits, whilst cutting costs and food waste.


They are stackable and easy to fill and serve, speeding up service in the hectic catering environment.


HOTpacs are also the lowest carbon footprint packaging option available and do not produce any greenhouse gasses if they are disposed of in landfill. Additionally, the energy consumption used in their manufacture can be recovered through incineration.

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