Shrink Sleeve labelling

Shrink Sleeve labelling


Body labelling & bundling

This new and reliable range provides you with a versatile and compact equipment:

Whatever the modification, you may adapt quickly the equipment to the use you plan.

  • Easy access to all parts of the machine from the operator’s position
  • Sleeve micro-perforation: the only cutting system that guarantees a uniform cut throughout the label. No jagged or curved cuts.
  • 1 single perforator for all LFW!
  • Product dimensions: from Ø40 to 140 mm, H 70 to 380mm!
  • All shapes are possible: round, square, rectangular etc.
  • Sleeve length from 67 to 300 mm!
  • Layout and operator friendly features: every part is within reach of the operator

Type:  Shrink sleeving

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