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Panda Wrap Timber Film

Panda Wrap Timber Film

Panda Wrap has been developed by Prior Packaging over several years to improve upon traditional timber wraps used in the Australian domestic market.

Drawing from our experience in the Food & Agricultural industries, we have successfully developed a film perfectly suited to Australian conditions.

Utilising three-layer, Co-Extrusion technology allows each layer of Panda Wrap to perform a different function.

1: White Layer – Reflects Sunlight

Reduces heat buildup inside the pack. UV treated to resist degradation plastic in the sun.

2: Core Layer – Strength

A layer dedicated to making the wrap as strong and stiff as possible.

3: Black Layer – Blocks Light

Final black layer stops nearly all light penetration.

What does this achieve?

Our independent testing has shown an average temperature drop of 4-6 degrees Celsius inside the timber pack.* When a consistently lower temperature inside the timber pack is achieved moisture and condensation build up is reduced, resulting in significantly less mold growth inside timber packs.

*When compared to standard films

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