Saizar Strapping Machines

Saizar Strapping Machines

Polígono Beotibar, Number 4, Belaunza (Guipúzcoa) 20491, Spain

Bars Strapping machines

Bars Strapping machines



The strapping machine is able to displace laterally required distance in order to perform the strapping of the package at different positions, being the package stop at a fixed position.


In order to take the machine out of the line for maintenance issues, the strapping machine can be provided with advance and retreat movement.


The strapping head has a vertical or horizontal movement to perform the strapping.


This strapping machine is designed for the strapping of different dimension and weight square, rectangular, round and hexagonal bundles.


The strapping can be performed using steel or polyester strap, with a width from 16mm to 32mm.


SAIZAR strapping machines can use 3 sealing systems; Linkers, Notching and TIG welding. According with the specifications of the application and customer requirement is chosen the best.

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