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Steel strapping machine

Steel strapping machine

Packaging solutions - Strapping Machines


Packaging solutions strapping machines, Magnus® and Apex® Steel, Contrax® polypropylene or Tenax® polyester material for various applications can be applied manually with tools or through powered equipment that can be integrated on line with production processes.


Steel Strapping Machine


Steel strapping machine, Magnus is cold-rolled, heat-treated, medium carbon steel strapping that provides high tensile strength and excellent shock resistance for the heaviest-duty applications. Apex is a cold-rolled, medium carbon steel strapping, engineered to yield higher break strength at a thinner gauge than regular-duty steel strapping. In many light to medium-duty applications, Apex can substitute for the heavier gauge regular-duty steel strapping to save money on material and shipping companies.


Polyester Strapping - Tenax®


Polyester strapping Tenax is designed for medium to heavy-duty palletizing and unitizing applications and can be applied by hand tools or power strapping equipment.


Polypropylene Strapping - Contrax®


Polypropylene strapping, Contrax® is  designed to run through hand tools and power strapping equipment, provides superior performance for light to medium-duty bundling and carton closure applications.


Strapping Equipment


HTS Power High tension semi automatic strapping machine for Textile and Engineering industries

LBX Series offline and online plastic strapping machines for Graphics industry

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