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ECOBLOC® ERGON filling & capping

The ECOBLOC® ERGON series of integrated systems of blowing-filling-capping includes:

  • ECOBLOC® ERGON VMAG/VMAS models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping rigid containers up to 3 liters for still liquids;
  • ECOBLOC® ERGON LG-VMAG / LG-EP models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping  rigid containers up to 3 liters for sparkling liquids;
  • ECOBLOC® ERGON “HC – High Capacity” models, ideal for manufacturing, filling and capping rigid high-capacity containers (up to 10 liters) for still liquids.

The advantages of the ECOBLOC® ERGON integrated solutions.

The ECOBLOC® ERGON series offers the end user countless economic benefits such as:

  • Modular and compact design, which combines in a single block the stretch-blow moulding, filling and capping modules, with no need for  connecting belts between blow moulder and filler;
  • Low consumption of water and energy, thus allowing low running and maintenance costs and safeguarding the environment;
  • Excellent accessibility and easy maintenance operations, thanks to the “baseless” technology of the filling module; in fact, motors and motion transmissions are placed in the upper part of the machine in a fully dry leak-tight area and the area underneath the containers to be filled is completely clear, ensuring easy access to operators;
  • Automation and control system allowing the management of the system by only one line operator through a simple and user-friendly man-machine interface;
  • Capping module: top-notch precision and functionality; the capping machine is equipped with a servo-driven control to ensure maximum precision while applying caps;
  • Cap hopper feeding placed outside the machine at a height easily accessible by the machine operator;
  • Electronic filling system: no contact between the bottle and the filling valve (in case of still products).


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