Bio Compostable Polyfilms

VCORR Packsys offers a superior range of Bio-degradable VCI film to its cleitns. The Bio-degradable VCI Film is specially designed eco-friendly range of VCI films. Which can be bio-degraded after the use so that it does not become an environmental hazard? The best eco-friendly anticorrosive packaging.


Bio Compostable Polyfilms


Bio Compostable Polyfilms are made from earth friendly resources like potato and corn starch, sugar cane fiber rather than petroleum based products and are non toxic have non injurious effect on biological functions. Compared to regular plastic, Bio Compostable Polyfilms look and feel like plastic. It biodegrade into soil within 30 to 90 days, microwave and freezer safe, handles liquids up to 190 F, sturdy, strong and no plastic or wax coating. Nature friendly Bio Compostable Polyfilm products are committed to reduction of environmental waste, environmental friendly returning completely to the earth. VCORR Packsys Pvt Ltd manufactures and deals with various Bio Compostable Products viz Biocompatible Garbage Bags; carry bags, food containers, food serving range.

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