Short Span Compression Tester

The compressive index of a material the failure load per width/basis weight) increase with sheet density in much the same way as the tensile index.

Electronic Lab Crush Tester

With digital readout: For accurate testing of paper, paperboard, solid fiberboard & corrugated board for RCT, ECT, CCT and FCT test and its components as well as performing compression test on all small packages.

Concora Medium Flueter

A laboratory corrugating machine for producing a sample to evaluate flat crush resistance of corrugating medium.

Bursting Tester

The Maximum uniformly distributed pressure, applied at right angles to is surface, that a test piece will stand under the conditions of the this test (SCAN P 24/25) A test piece, placed over a circular elastic diaphragm, is redigly clamped at the periphery but free to bulge with the diaphragm.

Box Compression

It is usually desirable to test the empty shipping container before filling of material to study of compressive resistance