Who Says Combi Case Erectors are Light Duty?


Erect 9 different small case sizes for contract manufacturer of cosmetic formulations Cases were not square Top and bottom flaps overlapped Minor panel overlapped major panel at the glue seam.

Combi produces high quality end of line packaging machines that stand the test of time. This customer values the importance of periodic maintenance, which has preserved the immaculate condition and performance of this case erector.

Robotic Random Case Erector

Increased global competition is driving leaner operation in today’s manufacturing facilities. To gain efficiencies, more companies are incorporating disruptive technologies, such as robotics, across their plant floors. A recent product innovation introduced by Combi Packaging Systems and Motion Controls Robotics introduces robotic technology into end-of-line packaging operations.

Top and Bottom Case Sealers Sanitary Design

In today’s highly regulated world, food and pharmaceutical producers and processors must ensure their processing equipment meets the highest levels of hygiene and safety. While there are currently no formal government agencies regulating packaging machinery, food manufacturers are taking an active role in assigning the highest priority to the safety and purity of their food through the entire manufacturing process.

Robotic Case Packer and Palletizer

Increased global competition is driving the need for greater operational efficiency and lower operating costs in today’s manufacturing lines. Today robots are being used more frequently for case packing and palletizing because of the increased throughput, vision and cost savings today’s robotic technology offers.

High Speed Drop Packers

The well proven capabilities of the Combi DP Drop Packer have been enhanced with a higher level of efficiency. Integrated into the frame of this state-of-the-art case packer is the efficient Combi 2-EZ® SB or 2-EZ® HS high speed case erectors. Now an even larger variety of product sizes, shapes, weights and materials can be quickly and easily packed in large cases at speeds up to 30 cpm, while still maintaining a compact footprint.

Compact Pick & Place Packer

Combi’s alphapack® is an ultra-compact system for top loading products into corrugated cases. This system features an integrated case erector, yielding the smallest footprint in the industry while accommodating a wide range of case sizes and pack patterns. The alphapack fits into the tightest packaging lines for precision top-loading of cartons, cans, bottles, bags and other products in single or multiple layers.

Ergonomic Solution to Hand Packing

The innovative Combi Ergopack® has raised the standard for hand packing productivity. Efficient and durable, the Ergopack® combines a case erector, a hand pack station and a case sealer into a compact and cost-effective workcell. This ergonomically designed machine features a hands-free indexing system that positions cases and product for optimal operator comfort, minimizing repetitive wrist and arm motions.