Production logistics improves productivity in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has always been extremely competitive. Now more so than ever. With production lines being established in low-cost labor countries, a global overcapacity of as high as 20% according to a recent survey of auto-executives conducted by KPMG, automakers have to cut every unnecessary cost. This results in extreme cost-saving and productivity demands on their suppliers.

Production logistics improves productivity in the electronics industry

Bei ng a manufacturer i n the el ectroni cs i ndustry i s not easy. Customers are demanding more for less money and products quickly become mainstream commodities, making it easy to shop from someone else. And the electronics industry has delivered, making great technological improvements while cutting prices. But there is no reason to believe that customer demands will decrease. The market's high expectations and the increasing competition have led the race to cut costs and raise productivity in all areas of the electronics manufacturing.

Production logistics tools improve productivity in the FMCG industry

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is extremely competitive, characterized by disloyal consumers with high demands on price and quality - not hesitating to choose a different brand or product if the other offer appears better.

Production logistics improves productivity in the medical device industry

The medical device industry is undergoing a very strong growth period. Spurred by advancements in medical research, an aging population and increased standard of living, the growth potential is enormous. According to Medtech Insight (a medical device industry analyst), the medical device industry is expected to grow 7,5 percent annually between 2005 and 2010.