Amy’s Kitchen - USA

As often happens, the best ideas are born at the table. That is exactly where an idea came up during a business meeting between SMI and the customer: that of creating a compact, multifunctional line whose heart is SMI's new pal/depal. From its very first meeting with Amy’s Kitchen Inc. SMI felt and shared the pride of those who make a quality product, are aware of it and willing to tackle the issues on how to package it at best. This is how Amy’s Project came to life.

Eaux Vives - Canada

Venerated by the early settlers as one of the purest waters, even today ESKA water never ceases to amaze. Those who live near the source say that the ESKA water makes your hair shine and your skin brighter, and fish from that area has an extraordinarily delicate and unique flavor. Undoubtedly a precious gift of nature, this water is bottled with great care by Eaux Vives Water using only high-quality machines and systems. Their main goal is to preserve the environment and produce with a special focus on sustainable development and energy saving.

Aloyoun Water - Saudi Arabia

It's official. The latest market surveys conducted by The Canadean Group research institute attest that the greatest development of mineral water consumption in the coming years will involve Saudi Arabia. With the growth in bottled beverage consumption, more and more companies are investing in new technologies to increase their maximum output and be ready to face this rapidly changing market. An example of the aforesaid development process is the Aloyoun Water and Deem Water Factory companies that turned to SMI for the supply of new primary and secondary packaging machines.

Deem Water - Saudi Arabia

These seem hard-to-achieve goals. Moods involving emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. Yet, these are possible targets for Deem Water. They represent a unique feeling that anyone who tastes Deem water can experience, a situation of well-being to be shared every day at the dinner table. An unusual approach for a company that only recently entered thecomprehensive physical, mineral water business but that wants to achieve the total satisfaction of its customers. This is why it keeps investing in its production lines, equipping them with the best production technologies available, among which the primary and secondary packaging machines supplied by SMI stand out. They are intended for the mineral water production line in PET bottles, which are Deem Water's pride and joy.

Campari - Australia

In recent years, the Campari Group has grown significantly both in relation to its geographic expansion and number of persons employed. today it is present in many countries of difference socio-cultural contexts and, for this reason it is committed to promoting excellence, spirit of enterprise and equal opportunities in every market where is operates. In 2013 the Campari Group acquired Copack Beverage A Limited Partnership, a leading bottler in Australia (specializing in the packaging of canned and glass beverages) and, since 2010, is Campari Group's supplier for the packaging of ready-to-drink products.

SMLC - Lebanon

The Société Moderne Libanaise pour le Commerce (SMLC) is a very well-known company on the Lebanese market as being the historical bottler and distributor of a wide range of PepsiCo products such as Aquafina, Pepsi Max, Diet Pepsi,
7UP, Mirinda, Tropicana, Lipton Ice Tea and AMP.

Kassatly Chtaura - Lebanon

Beirut attracts, engrosses and surprises you, thanks both to its centuries-old history, which hardly goes unnoticed, and
an exceptional urban setting which earned the city the nickname of "Paris of the Middle East". The ongoing  reconstruction of the city over the years has resulted in a fascinating fusion between modern and ancient buildings, bearing witness to the exceptional path undertaken by this city in over 5,000 years of history. Visiting Beirut is like traveling to a multifaceted microcosm, where a Christian church stands next to a mosque and where, after crossing a
narrow millennial lane, you suddenly end up on a modern avenue full of trendy shops

Safi Sarl - Niger

Africa is a place that conjures up spellbinding atmospheres and situations, which call to mind simple and at the same time fascinating, unusual and unique images. West Africa is undoubtedly one of the most incredible areas of the planet, since every single country in this continent has its own historical, cultural, culinary and musical identity. Niger is no exception: it is the biggest country in the Sahel (from Sahil, "the desert edge"), i.e. that strip of land in Sub-Saharan Africa that stretches from the Sahara Desert, which lies to the north, to the Sudanian Savanna to the south and between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Red Sea to the east. Crossing Niger means diving into nature with a millennial flavor, that leaves you breathless, but also into a daily reality made of internal tensions that make economic
development more difficult.

Sarl El Dahouara Eau Minerale - Algeria

Algeria is one of the largest food markets in North Africa. The economic reforms initiated in this country in recent years  are leading to the accelerated privatization of large public companies in this sector, setting the foundations for a strong growth in the years ahead. The importance of the changes under way is confirmed by the increasing success of the “Djazagro” trade fair event, this year in its 13th edition, which is held every year in the city of Algiers.

Darida Private Enterprise - Belarus

Natural water resources are a real treasure trove in Belarus, where the bottled water market has been experiencing
a steady and sustained growth for some years. Such ferment is the basis of major investments in new technologies
affecting the food industry, including those recently made by Private Enterprise Darida that are in a prominent position.

The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt - Egypt

Cairo today is a very important industrial center and is home to multinational companies such as The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Egypt (TCCBCE), located in the district of Nasr City. This company is continually investing H in new technologies to meet the growing demand from an increasingly broad r ....

YUBCO & DICO - Yemen

YUBCO and DICO, both managed by the Derhim brothers, represent a booming industry in Yemen's domestic “food & beverage” market as well as in neighboring markets; this development process is made possible also by the use of latest generation bottling and packaging systems that SMI has been pr ....

Al-Ahlia Mineral Water Company - Yemen

The Al-Ahlia Mineral Water Company is specialized in the production and marketing of mineral water under the Beladi and Zaina brands, bottled in PET containers of different sizes and capacities. This company's facilities, spread over an area of more than 50,000 square meters, are used as administrat ....

F.A. Neptun - Ukraine

The Ukraine mineral water market is growing constantly, thanks to sustained growth in the demand for bottled drinking water by a large segment of the population. F.A. Neptun is among the most active companies in this sector, which stands out in the Ukrainian market for continued investments in new t ....

Fante Industria de Bebidas - Brazil

Fante Industria de Bebidas relied on SMI experience for the installation of a wraparound cardboard box packer at its facility. The model it chose, a Smiflexi LWP 30, is an automatic machine designed to package glass bottles of different capacities at a max speed of 30 cardboard boxes/trays per hour. ....

Vinícola Galiotto - Brazil

A rooster, which is the symbol of the city of Flores da Cuhna, also identifies one of the largest wineries in Serra Gaúcha: the Vinícola Galiotto Ltda. With a yearly output of 7.2 million liters, Vinicola Galiotto is on the national and international market with a broad portfolio of fine wines and ....

La Galvanina - Italy

In the town of Apecchio, in the province of Pesaro, La Galvanina bottles water low in mineral content branded Val di Meti, in an industrial location that was taken over in October 2008, after having closed down for several years caused by repeated and unfortunate changes of ownership. Thanks to this ....

Aguas das Caldas de Penacova - Portugal

Aguas das Caldas de Penacova is headquartered in the pristine environment of Serra do Buçaco where the company extracts, bottles and sells the natural mineral water called "Caldas de Penacova", using the best technologies available on the market in order to provide its national and intern ....

Spumador - Italy

City trams and buses cross the streets of Milan with their sides and backs lined with billboards depicting a glass mug filled with a black-colored drink: the year is 1938 and the product in question is Spumador's famous “Spuma Nera”. This Como-based company built a great success story on this dr ....

Aurora Wine Cooperative - Brazil

The Aurora Wine Cooperative includes over 1,100 small families who work side by side, sharing skills, traditions and goals. The numerous components and their varied make-up are not an obstacle, contrary to what you may think, to the organization of the production activities but represent an added va ....

In the heart of the South African economy

In a broad valley, surrounded by green hills, lies the city of Pietermaritzburg, elected capital of the Republic of Natalia in 1838, after the Boer victory of Blood River. After regaining control over the city in 1843, the British changed its urban and architectural appearance considerably by building Victorian inspired buildings. The Indians then thought to further enrich the cultural landscape of the city, whose massive immigration in the nineteenth century was essential to support the growing number of sugar cane plantations. Currently Pietermaritzburg is an important industrial hub at regional level. The richness of the KwaZulu-Natal region is based on agriculture, livestock breeding, tourism and the processing industries, which represent 30% of its economy: in fact, 30% of goods exported from South Africa are produced here


the beauty of Norway, which, not coincidentally, had inspired many poets, artists and writers in the past. The landscapes vary from the tundra to the beaches, from charming fishing villages that seem to come out of a storybook to vast pristine forests, from spectacular ice caps to the famous fjords (which are now the symbol of the country). Norway is loved by all types of travellers both in winter when it is covered by a thick blanket

Murcia: the garden of Europe

In the enchanting region of the autonomous community of Murcia, in the south-eastern part of Spain between Andalusia, Castilla-La Manche and Valencia, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is where the greatest vegetable production in Europe is carried out. It is no coincidence, in fact, if Murcia is described as the “garden of Europe”. Farmers and agroprocessing companies operate in an ideal environment, benefiting from this regions excellent micro-climate. The dynamic and competitive farms in Murcia produce and market various types of products such as wine, rice, olive oil, lemons and paprika. In turn, companies manufacturing canned food, juices, beverages and frozen foods contribute to create one of the most active and innovative industrial districts of Europe. Hida Alimentación S.A. operates in the center of this great and fertile environment. Over 56 years of operation, together with continued investment in new production technologies, have brought this Spanish company to win a leadership position in domestic and international markets. To support the growth of turnover, Hida has chosen to install two new shrinkwrappers of the Smiflexi SK and LSK series and a sleeve packer of the MP 300 series that allow the Spanish company to greatly improve its productive efficiency.

Business Flexibility

>The Brasserie Milles plant in Toulouges produces every year several million liters of soft drinks; although the Limonette beverage represents the largest share of the aforesaid volume, the drinks bottled for the Orangina and Pepsi- Cola brands are just as important for the industrial activities of the French company. Brasserie Milles owns several bottling lines dedicated to the production and packaging of a wide variety of products, each of which is bottled in glass or PET containers and then packaged in different pack collations. This production system requires flexible, versatile, agile and innovative corporate organization, able to respond promptly both to inhouse needs and those of changing customers.

Territoriality: Key to the Final Quality

>Milk is a simple food, lifes very first food, the one weve known since we were born. By contrast, milk production is very complex. It requires the work and commitment of an intricate network of operators and the use of advanced technological systems throughout the production cycle: from stable to packaging, all the way to the consumers table. Companies operating in the dairy sector continually invest in new product packaging technologies with the final goal of offering consumers easy-to-use packages that at the same time meet highest quality standards. Faced with a very large number of consumers, each with special needs and habits, the dairy industry must be able to differentiate its offer as much as possible, by offering products packaged in various types of containers: cardboard cartons with or without cap, glass or PET bottles with cap, etc.

The Partnership Between Product Innovation and Packaging Innovation

GSG knows very well how important innovative momentum is, intended as company development and growth, in a very competitive and crowded market environment. Hence the need to combine the strong experience of GSG in the field of detergency with that of SMI in the primary packaging field and stretch-blow moulding of PET and PP containers. The partnership between the two companies was essential to create a modern industrial plant for the largescale production of 0.75 and 1-liter polypropylene containers for bottling the cleaning products of the Gussago company. Moreover, this choice guarantees GSG the proper operative flexibility of its systems since the Bresciabased company produces a wide range of detergents, both proprietary branded and private label brands for many customers-distributors. Major large retail chains and discount supermarkets rely on GSG to offer their customers a complete portfolio of high quality cleaning products, whether intended for household or workplace use. The packages and containers made in the GSG plants are easily recognizable on store shelves due to their appealing and innovative packaging, and are highly appreciated by consumers for the great variety of solutions, substances, colors and fragrances.

In the Heart of the Bekaa Valley

Often the combination of family tradition and strong entrepreneurship is the basis for creating great opportunities for development in industry. If, then, the traditions handed down from generation to generation become real passions, success of the business is assured. An example of how true this is may be seen at the Lebanese company Kassatly Chtaura, which owes its success in the market to a clever fusion of family tradition, technological innovation and entrepreneurial know-how. The companys historical roots date back to 1974, when the current CEO Akram Kassatly founded a small company dedicated to the production of wine, following the footsteps of his father Nicolas who worked in this field since 1919. Today, after almost forty years, the name Kassatly Chtaura is linked to a wide and diverse range of drinks, in addition to wine, capable of satisfying a growing number of consumers in all areas of the Middle East.

Innovation: The Lifeblood of Vi-Jon

Innovation is Vi-Jon’s engine of growth. The U.S. company based in St. Louis, Missouri, has managed to perfectly combine the experience gained in over 100 years of activity with the innovative momentum of the R&D team, which is distinguished by its ability to formulate new products and propose cutting-edge solutions. The perfect mix of these two business “souls” has allowed Vi–Jon to quickly respond to the expectations of a changing marketplace. Innovation is also the “lifeblood” of this successful enterprise that, to meet the challenges posed by its customers and by increased competition, launched an impressive array of new products, improved and customized packaging and gave a more appealing look to its brand. The plan for expansion and modernization of the plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, aimed at the improvement of the indexes of flexibility, efficiency, safety and productivity of plants.