Case Erector is a Powerhouse


Combi produces high quality end of line packaging machines that stand the test of time. Since the customer and distributor perform regular maintenance, it has preserved the immaculate condition of this case erector.

Gain A Competitive Edge On The Shelf


There are currently 16 different sized RSC cases with perforations on the major and minor sides. The box has strategically placed perforations that allow it to be easily split into two halves. These two halves then become the shelf ready display trays for products.

When is it Time to Automate Your End-of-Line Packaging Operation?

Successful manufacturers, of any size, face growing pains when production begins to exceed their manpower and facility capabilities. This can happen during seasonal surges or gradually as a business becomes more successful. Valuable manpower is needed to keep a steady supply of erected, corrugated cases formed, taped and packed. They can be stacked from floor to ceiling and can overflow into aisles waiting to be filled. Run out of erected cases and production comes to a screaming halt. Shipping goals aren’t met and revenue is affected.

Combi Ergopack Ergonomic Product Evaluation

An ergonomic evaluation of the Combi Ergopack™ Handpacking System was conducted. The Ergopack™ Systems were observed at the Combi Production Facility in Canton, Ohio. A meeting was held with Peter Ballos, President and creator of the Ergopack™ System.

Ergonomics were an important consideration, and in fact a driving force in the design and development of this Ergopack™ System. The system is designed to facilitate handpacking with minimal lifting of the product; the packer need only "drag, guide, and drop" the product into place.