Creative gets the packaging world- sunlight inks and ‘movie unlocker’ beer bottles

The packaging world witnesses creativity every now and then – we know that. In a consumer droven world, it has become all the more necessary to attract buyers through creative packaging.

Sunlight Inks (photochromic) are a breather which can be used on paper, film and pressure-sensitive labels. These inks are a breakthrough in chemical industry and provides a quick kinetic when hit by sunlight, characterized with repeatability which allows the ink to turn itself “on and off” on a broad colour spectrum with its inbuilt durability in the sun.

Sunlight inks enhances brand value: it is like a ‘theatre-in-hand’.For instance a consumer walks outside, this technology would transform from a clear to a colorful reminder to apply sunscreen, or recommendations for garnishing cocktails, or maybe a surfing board comes with a secret code that reveals itself under the sun which helps one to install an app.

These inks can be printed on labels or packaging containers.

The incorporation of electronics on beer bottles is nothing new. Glow in the dark bottles have been implemented in lot of places.

The Heineken Ignite bottle which had been introduced at Milanese ‘Lounge of the Future’ put together micro sensors and wireless networking to be able to detect when drinkers say ‘Cheers’ and then activates eight LED lights, which sparks when consumers take a sip. The lights also dance to the tune of the music, are able to interact with other bottles.

A “ Movie Unlocker” beer bottle for the brand Grolsch Beer enables movie watching online, absolutely free.This is a special embedded device that is able to accept radio signals and transmits it through a Bluetooth beacon kept under the bottle top directly on to a device where a person wants to view a free movie on. This transmitter is protected when the bottle is capped by a special sticker that totally blocks the radio frequency. This means that it can’t be identified by the device unless a user allows it. The activation happens only when the user touches the device with the bottle cap..Consumers can now enjoy free movies!

Thanks to these beer bottles, one does not even need a credit card for watching movies.

The Grolsch bottles feature special codes that get scanned rapidly through Bluetooth and then it send a signal to a server that has been equipped with a previously registered serial number.The verification code in the bottle and the one in the database need to match and once that happens, consumers can sit back and enjoy a free movie.