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Our industrial packaging white papers are a great way to build business exposure and share expertise as they concentrate on particular issue and its solution. Alternatively, our packaging industry white papers can be effective components of your business marketing efforts.

Rabe Speewälder Konserven - Germany

SMI S.p.A.
100 km south-east of Berlin, in the “Spreewald” (Forest of Sprea), lies a unique countryside characterized by an alluvial plain which has remained in its natural state. This region, very much like the "Venetian area", is furrowed by a network of over 300 canals and waterways that fill the area…

Alimentos Maravilla - Guatemala

SMI S.p.A.
A kaleidoscope of colours - a mixture of bright bold colours: yellow, red, green, blue, without any shades to these colours, that put together become a rainbow with colours everywhere. In guatemala every object, every emotion has a colour! The shawls and dresses of the women, the markets, the outsides…

Ice Age Glacial Water Company - Canada

SMI S.p.A.
Uncontaminated. In canada, the snow froze in a very compact way creating enormous walls of ice, sheltered from the impurities of the outside world. Thousands of years later we can benefit from this unique treasure, today, thanks to the use of modern bottling technology, this glacier water bottled by the…

Ser S.p.A. - Italy

SMI S.p.A.
The Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum, the royal palaces, the Holy Shroud, the gianduiotti ... these are just a few of Turin's treasures. This fascinating city on the banks of the river Po, is an unmissable destination for people yearning to discover the splendour of its past and at the…

Waterloo Brewing - Canada

SMI S.p.A.
It's the bavarian atmosphere that is felt in the city of kitchener, in canada, in the south-western province of ontario, about 100 km from toronto. This city, that in 1833 was called "berlin" because of its vast german community, still continues its old traditions and efficient work ethics. Today, as…

Sansu Beverage Co Ltd - South Korea

SMI S.p.A.
In the heart of the Jirisan mountain national park, where the force of nature can be seen in all its splendour, gushes the pure crystalline water which is famous all over South Korea. We are talking about sansu natural mineral water, produced by the company Sansu beverage ltd, which, in…

Sociedad de Bebidas Panizzon: Brazil

SMI S.p.A.
Brazil is also noted for its wine, the production of which has seen an enormous rise over recent years, earning the position of fifth world producer of the southern hemisphere. There are 1162 wineries over an area of more than 82.000 acres. Thanks to Hand-picking and the introduction of modern…

Alkalive - Qatar

SMI S.p.A.
A golden jewel, wrapped in desert sand and mystery. A faraway land, uncrowded with tourists and for this, even more fascinating. Ancient cultures, proud people, striking nature, Qatar is just desert and a bit more, or rather it used to be like that. Now, at least in the capital, the…

Prolipos - Algeria

SMI S.p.A.
Appreciated for thousands of years for their emollient and moisturising properties, vegetable oils have always played an important role in many cultures; in fact they even boast healing properties and are an effective natural remedy for the cure of Many ailments. In recent years, the market for the production of…

Danone - Mexico

SMI S.p.A.
The corporate mission of danone de mexico - "provide health through food, to as many people as possible", is effectively realized in the city of irapuato, where the arrival of the french multinational has marked a major turning point, by offering high-quality dairy products to feed mexicans and has contributed…