The Debate: Easy-to-open Packaging or Secure Packaging?

Most of us must have had that awful experience of wrap rage – that frustration of not being able to get hands on a lovely set of headphones due to some stubborn package.This results in negative association with the brand and often worsens one’s entire experience with a particular brand in case of any injury while opening a package.

Packaging companies are aware of such possibilities and go to great lengths to ensure that their consumers are not engulfed into the wrap rage, and thus make efforts to sustain brand value.

Market analysts feel that companies that do not understand this, have to pay hefty 2014 onwards.

Often consumers pick up a pair of scissors or a box cutter or any other sharp tool to open their package. In such desperation, lies the risk of getting hurt while also damaging the product inside.Statistics show that 70 percent of cuts and abrasions are to the fingers and hands.

Do you have a business plan for protecting your customers from injuring themselves on your packaging?

Can You Make Secure Packaging Easy to Open?

In the vast dynamic world of packaging, it is known by conventional wisdom that a package can either be made secure or easy to open, but most definitely not both.

Minute consumer goods that are of high value especially like smartphones, designer headphones and accessories for electronics are far more pervasive than ever, nevertheless, and can rarely be kept under strict observation in the store.

These situations call for a tremendous need for an encapsulation of packaging, one that is secure when at the store and at the same time not a tedious task to get rid off at the comfort of a home.

The EasyOpen product packaging design by Plastic Ingenuity is a brilliant effort that has been made in the past to overcome this dilemma. This design is tamper proof and conspicuous, totally preventing the consumers from opening the packaging inside the store while keeping the product easy to access.

Should Every Product Packaging Necessarily Be Made Easy to Open?

Typically there are exceptions to the rule. While packaging companies should look at making things easy for consumers, the question remains as to how easy should be set as the benchmark limit? This solely rests on the company to determine.

For instance, some consumer products are probably dangerous and are supposed to be used only by able-bodied adults. A blowtorch or a set of kitchen knives with very sharp edges, say, are designed for a niche audience. Making these available in easy-to-access packages can be tricky and prove detrimental post the sale execution.

E.g. Medications may most likely be packaged in child-resistant bottles

Products that could be threats to some, if packaged properly, can save accidents.

Many a time, there is a very thin line between plastic packaging that is too difficult and too easy to open.

It takes the proper vision and strategies combined to arrive at a more acceptable measure to deal with what problem areas the company has faced. After all, in a consumer driven world, manufacture of sensible products is what every organization aims for and it is for certain that in what the company takes up as its strategy, lies its success.

How have you packaged your brand?