Laser Process – Development

Micro Laser Technology GmbH (MLT) was established in the year 2000. The company is well known in the industry as a qualified and competent manufacturer of tailor-made laser material processing systems for industrial applications and operations such as Perforation, Scribing/Scoring (defined material weakening), Embossing and Marking.

The MLT machines are manufactured with focus to industrial applications and operations. These machines are used across the globe in operation, mainly in the Packaging Industry (Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical products), Tobacco & Paper Converting Industry and Automotive Industry.

Based on several years of experience, as well as innovative and proved technologies, MLT plays a key role in applications in various industries. The company designs and manufactures cutting edge laser processing systems using invaluable in-depth knowledge and experience.

Laser Process Development

The products of MLT have concentrated on laser perforation, laser scribing, laser marking and laser cutting.

The range of MLT services includes consultancy, laser process development, design and construction, customer-specific adaptations and delivery of complete turnkey systems. Years of experience in the design and construction of laser special machines made the company to play a leading role in the Industry as a supplier and system partner.