Meet the World of Packaging Surrounded by Latest Trends and Technologies

Mastered in defending food from the environmental conditions, contaminants and bacteria, ‘Packaging’ never left a cue of confined to its inherent property of wrapping around something but is waking up more beautiful through adopting new trends and technologies in the market. A few years back, the world of packaging introduced the technologies like edible food packaging and packaging that dissolves in water - The technologies which played a key role in the assumption of future that holds environment better by reducing waste.

Packaging manufacturers are experimenting more on new technologies and trends in order to meet the requirements of the consumers who become more discerning while picking products. Also, researchers are emphasizing on all the corners of packaging starting from the selection of color, shape and the technology swirling around the market. As a result, we would be experiencing a unique shade of food packaging named 'selfie' that operates some primary tasks involved in packaging like self-opening, self- closing, self-cooling, self-heating, self-sealing, self-cleaning, self-dosing etc.  

Acclaimed companies like ConAgra and Basic American Foods initiated mobile video technology that constructed benefits for both consumers and companies. With the mobile videos, companies can get consumer suggestions alongside with the advantage of observing how their customers engage with packaging like storing and opening a product.

Kodak, one of the world's best imaging solutions provider has started off an antimicrobial packing that can absorb oxygen and retains food fresh for several hours, while the University of Connecticut, a public research university and America based grocery manufacturer Kraft Foods Group are making moves towards inventing something close to science fiction "electronic tongue" that can sense the substances that are spoiling the product through the sensors embedded in it, packaging changes the color, relying on the color of the product, consumer can come to a conclusion of whether or not to use the food for cooking. 

Meanwhile, Nanotechnology incorporated Micro Packaging is leaving people jaw-dropping with its respective packaging material that is made from water and clay particles. This thinner material which is thousands of times thinner than human hair comes with the qualities of glass alongside eco-friendly nature. Comes on the same way,  Anti-microbial packaging not just protects food from the bacteria but acts against with the help of paper that is coated with anti-bacterial silver nanoparticles, says Ronen Gottesman, An Israeli graduate who gave life to this killer paper.

Market which is imminent to taste nanotechnology had already tasted the egg shells packaging, potato waste packaging and Coca-Cola’s plant based PET bottles etc. and looking forward for the new technologies lined up. On the other side market packaging designs are undergoing umpteenth changes with respective to consumer habits and interests.

Assuring the factors like protection and preservation are primary but packaging that comes with the solutions of branding, differentiation in products packing based on the type, difference in the usage of materials, languages, colors, images, shapes, labels, patterns and customs are what turned up as imperative factors entailing success and helping to reach the target audience.


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