Nichrome now offers Secondary and Tertiary packaging solutions!!!

Flexible packaging has come a long way since the old days when packaging was used only to protect or transport the product from the place of manufacturing to the consumer.

Packaging today has become an integral part of a product and is considered as the 5th ‘P’ along with the traditional 4 P’s- Product-Price-Place and Promotion. It has become imperative for brands to influence consumers through attractive packaging suitable for retail shelves and one time use smaller packaging with higher durability and shelf life to increase penetration to the rural and far away markets.

With the growing market and increase in demand for production and limited availability of space, higher capacity packaging machines are in demand and this trend will increase multi- folds in coming times. Increasing speeds and capacities has made it necessary for bringing automation in secondary and tertiary packaging that match the higher production rates and enable protection of primary packs and easy storage and transfer of bulk quantities.

Presently, the secondary and tertiary packaging is by and large a labor intensive activity. Automated secondary packaging enhances production capacity of plant contributing to increase in production capacities. It ensures correctness of no of packs in the secondary bag.  It also arrests the adulteration to a large extent. Secondary packaging projects can be installed online with the retail packaging to produce pick and go pack of customized quantity of primary pouches which can be then directly shifted to transportation for dispatch. Automation in Secondary packaging solutions can be designed for liquid, solid, viscous and powder products integrating into the processing line.

The team of expert engineers from Nichrome works closely with the clients to offer customized solutions for their secondary and tertiary packaging needs. This involves designing the product flows and traffic control to match the current production capacity and the available space and offering the packaging equipment most suitable for the products.  The equipment’s offered are Baling, overwrapping, Crating, Collating and stacking systems. For the product flow, different types of conveyors and turntables can be offered.  

Nichrome’s advanced technology for secondary packaging was exhibited at recently held Intelpack Exhibition in Mumbai. Nichrome Flexible 450 offers packaging speed upto 120 primary pouches ( of 250 to 2000 gms.)  per minute of 2 column bale.  Nichrome also displayed the Crating system for liquid milk that is integrated with the primary packing machines of speed 12000 packs per hour speeds.  The system can detect leaked pouches via online leak detection mechanism, online check weighing  and is equipped with “DOIT” – online data logging where user can analyze entire production saved on cloud or central server.