Patrick de Vleeschouwer
About: Patrick de Vleeschouwer - Global Sales Director

Combining true added value in enhancing everyday ease for the end consumer is an important target. To keep up with changes, We invest in both sides of the trade by being able to offer a turnkey, ready to sell product and keep a competitive price.

1. First of all many congratulations on being awarded the Luxe Pack Green Award this year, at NY. How does it feel to be honoured this way?

It is a great honour and it feels great to be recognized in the industry, by leading persons in this industry who have selected us on the total concept of our innovative dispenser. It is a great reward for all the work done by our teams after so many years of R&D, investments. Not only are the customers recognizing our innovation, the industry acknowledges it too.

2. Increasing innovation in product design is expected to augment the demand for personal care packaging over the next five years. However, rising number of regulations regarding packaging and manufacturing personal care products is expected to subsequently hamper the growth of the market, as the overhead costs may result in increased price of the finished product. What is your take on this development? How do you think such challenges (demand Vs regulation) can be tackled?

It is correct to say that with the increase in regulations it will also raise the number of challenges for every packaging and/or personal care products manufacturer. Therefore we need to keep ahead of possible changes and continuously improve every aspect on the production and keep costs as low as possible and efficiency as high as possible. This is an ongoing process and part of our strategy. Furthermore we invest in both sides of the trade by being able to offer a turnkey, ready to sell product and keep a competitive price.

3. Increasing demand for better packaged personal care products in BRICs region is also a notable market development and is gaining momentum. Would Airopack be looking into such opportunities in terms of market expansions?

Of course we are looking at every market where there is an opportunity and some of these countries are on our radar.

4. How do you perceive the current personal care packaging market trends and how do you forecast its future?

Everyone is trying to improve existing packages, although real innovations are not common despite all the different announcements in the industry. Combining true added value in enhancing everyday ease for the end consumer is an important target. Furthermore, being able to personalize existing packaging also opens opportunities for brands to differentiate themselves.

5. The Interpack 2014 was an exceptionally brilliant experience for Airopack owing to its dispenser system technology presentations. What capacities for better business do such events have and what does that mean for Airopack?

Our products are getting better known in the industry and the first consumer products are hitting the stores. This year we have major introductions so awareness will only increase. We need to be present at important fairs because we need to be found easily and demonstrate the uniqueness. Demonstrating and testing yourself the product, makes a huge difference.

6. For the launch of the brand-new men line of Amando, Remark Groep had fully customized a truck and transformed it into a high-end retail shop which was an exquisite work of branding in itself. How crucial according to you is branding through impressive and eye-catchy promotions and what strategies, generally, does Airopack look at during such branding exercises?

In order to stand out, you need to be different, that is no secret. The way you communicate can be determent for the future success. With the innovative Airopack, being so new and different, it is a great ‘excuse’ to do something around this and catch the attention of the consumer. We tend to look for trendsetting companies that want to stand out, be different and conscious about the benefit the Airopack has to offer on every level, including the sustainability message.

7. Airopack is a big name in the sustainable environment friendly personal care packaging market. What hardships have the company face and how has it evolved over time?

It took us many years to develop the Airopack and make it what it is today. Big investment in time and money from our R&D team. Challenges have been numerous, as bringing it to an industrialized production is very different of lab scale testing. For us it was staying true to our concept of a full plastic pressurized dispenser.