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Raghu Das
" "Printed electronics has enabled packaging that lights up, sounds and does much more to get the consumers attention." "

1. “Smart packaging will become interactive with consumers” What is your perception in this regard?

Smart packaging does more than protect and inform in the usual manner but enables brand enhancement or event better products.

2. With 12 years experience in packaging - what would you estimate as the most important challenges for the packaging industry in the future?

One aspect is differentiation to help increase sales.

3. In your opinion will organic printed technology will have a greater influence on packaging funktionalities?

Printed electronics has enabled packaging that lights up, sounds and does much more to get the consumers attention.

4. How would you expect the influence of social media platforms and different communication behaviours on product and marketing campaigns? Continuing with that, do you have plans to expand your presence to other regions? If yes, which region would be of interest?

Printed electronics is enabling packaging to be linked to the social world, connecting thinks (packages) with the internet. This gives product companies unique visibility of their customers enabling new marketing and sales opportunities.

5. IDTechEx core competencies lie in the smart packaging and packaging Solutions. Can you tell us how your development initiatives are shaping up, in the current industry scenario?

We are an analyst company that helps suppoty our clients make strategic business decisions based on the huge amount of innovation with new materials, manufacture processes and functionality.

6. Do you expect a change of sales strategies for a product against the background of digital technologies? How in your opinion will digital printing techologies influence the production of packaging products?

Digital packages will help customers choose matching products, enable better customer service, and increase sales.

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