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Dr. Manuel García-Romeu
About: Dr. Manuel García-Romeu - Product Development Manager

Ph.D. Manuel García-Romeu is the Product Development Manager of Safe Load Testing Technologies. He is Industrial Engineer and holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering by ETSII / Polytechnic University of Valencia. In 2008 he obtained the degree of Ph.D. with the thesis “Contribution to the determination and simulation of vibrations and impacts in transportation operations and distribution of packaged consumer products”. Manuel has a vast experience in packaging engineering, packaging optimization, transport simulation, and load stability, especially in the areas of research, development, and innovation. His research efforts and knowledge have allowed him to be part of a team of experts who patented two machines of great importance for the packaging and transport sector. Furthermore, he has published several research articles in scientific journals and research books and has participated as an expert in the most important events of the sector. Currently, Manuel is a member of the technical committee of the EUMOS 40509/2012 standard and holds the position of Chairman of the drafting committee EUMOS 40509/20202. Besides, he is a member of UNE and expert representing Spain for UNE at DIN Organization Committee CEN / TC 119 / WG 07 and Committee AEN / CTN 49: Containers and packaging. GT3. Evaluation of packaging for transportation. Furthermore, he is a corporate member of the IAPRI association and ISTA).

1. What aspects of product management do you find the most energizing in Safe Load Testing Technologies?

Product development managers know that to born a new idea and to develop it up to the end product is a long process. After having this new idea of the product, a very long process of product creation and innovation takes place where a lot of effort and time is used by all the team. For me, the most energizing aspects in Safe Load Testing Technologies about product management are those around how your mind works transforming an incipient idea to a real product interacting with the other people of the team. Those human interactions with other people of the team, listening to their opinions and their suggestions, is something that brings to me to the most important aspect of the life, we are humans, not machines, and progress is done by us as a community respecting always the thinking and ideas of the people around you.

2. How would you prioritize resources at Safe Load when you have two significant activities yet can't do them both?

We are a fantastic family at Safe Load Testing Technologies and all of us are committed to their tasks. As all teams think in this astonishing company project, this happiness and commitment help to the team to undertake several tasks and complete even two important activities on time. Nevertheless, to help the team to achieve these goals, we have implemented some strategies of task prioritizing focused on separating first what is urgent from important and evaluating the estimated effort to finalized them, but always being flexible and adaptable to the current situation and taking in mind when to cut.

3. Safe Load depends on the 22 years of experience of its staff in the innovative work of new techniques and equipment for optimizing distribution packaging. What novel innovations have Safe Load created in the ongoing years?

Yes, we are very lucky not only of having amazing experts on this subject at the company, but also amazing human people that makes me feel really like a privileged person. This soap of feelings and expertise have derived in the novel innovations we have created and developed. The three most important innovations that we have created in these years have been the patented multiaxial vibration table, the patented horizontal accelerations led, and the artificial vision software that simulates realistic transport behavior and optimizes packaging helping companies to reduce their products carbon footprint. The innovation on these two machines and this software brings to more companies the possibility to acquire compact high technology equipment at a reasonable cost and with the fastest and most efficient support service.

4. Could you depict a situation which expected you to disapprove of thought or undertaking. How would you choose what and what not to construct?

Safe Load Testing Technologies create not only their catalogue products, also build tailored equipment for our customers. The process of how we choose what and what not to construct depends if the product comes from our development product team or comes directly from a customer. If a customer comes with a determined need for equipment that is not in our catalogue we analyze their necessity and equipment proposed and we give them the best solution to solve their need accompanying our client throughout the purchase process and help him to take the right decision. If we see that the equipment, he is asking us to develop, is not going to solve their need or his expectations we will propose another option that will do or not construct the equipment. We only want to have happy customers. We believe that many times, it is better to say "no" than to try to sell or build something that will not meet customer expectations. Few companies today say no, but a well-posed “no” and at the right time help you to win a customer for the future.

5. Can you provide an example of when you thought outside of the box for product development?

Thinking outside of the box is the innovative problem solving and can provide an innovative solution to a sticky problem.

For example for the two equipment patented we were talking before, they were successfully because we were thinking outside the box. People naturally develop patterns of thinking that are showed through the repetitive activities and in the easily accessed knowledge that surround ourselves with. Multiaxial vibration tables and horizontal acceleration sled already exist, and they were very commonly used when we develop our patented equipment. To develop our patented equipment, the only possibility to be successful was to think differently going far from the most obvious solutions and working with no self-imposed constraints.

6. How would you supply high-quality, precise, and innovative technology to comply with the fundamental tests and techniques?

In Safe Load Testing Technologies we believe that our equipment and products have to be developed with high quality, they have to be precise and they have to be built using the most innovative technology that is on the market nowadays. We comply with this using our team expertise, our product management capabilities, and working together with our suppliers as part of the Safe Load Testing family. One of our strengths that also helps us to comply with these goals is that there are experts on our team that are involved and are very active in International Standardization Committees and Conferences and Symposiums where the testing fundamentals and testing techniques are discussed and defined.

7. How would you guarantee that market-oriented teams completely comprehend technical difficulties?

In Safe Load Testing Technologies we know that the growing complexity of the technology industry is augmenting pressure onto product development teams. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to understand a market and develop a tailored solution to satisfy its needs. This is why our market team is working closer to the experts of the product development team and those team working tasks help to market team to comprehend technical aspects when they are with our customers.

8. What "simulation transport technology" do you offer the organizations to reproduce physical and mechanical risks related to the goods distribution process, to improve quality, lessen damages and expenses?

In Safe Load Testing Technologies we designed innovative packaging testing solutions to simulate the forces suffered by the loads during the distribution cycle helping our customers to be sustainable, increase security, and reduce logistics costs.

Depending on the physical or mechanical risk that our customers want to reproduce or test, we offer the right equipment for that purpose. For example, we offer compression testers, recording devices, measuring vision systems, tilt testing tools, horizontal stability testers, vibration testing equipment, impact testing machines, drop testers, clamp testers, and other custom solutions for our customers.

9. Can you provide an example where a technical solution you or your team designed became a commercial product?

For example, that happened with our innVision family product. We had to measure precisely deformations on the packaging that is moving and deforming very fast on testing equipment. At the market, this solution was not available for that purpose and Safe Load Testing Technologies started to think outside of the box and we develop software that could be easily implemented not only in our testing equipment if not also in the equipment of our competence. Currently, it is important software that is offered to our customers to make them easy the task of measuring deformations and obtain fast and reliable results once the test is done.

10. On what innovative testing solutions has Safe Load focused and specialized in the design and development for laboratories and universities, brand owners, and packaging manufacturers?

The most important innovative testing solutions that we have been focused and specialized on, have been the multiaxial vibration table from our innWave family products, that performs the simulation of vertical vibrations, pitch and roll movements produced by various means of handling and transportation, and the horizontal stability testers from our family innSlide that includes an advanced range of solutions that simulates the horizontal accelerations and decelerations (speeding, slowing down and braking) produced by several means of handling and transportation to ensure the rigidity and safety of the loads.

Additionally, we have designed according to our vision (pure lines and user-friendly products) a new compression unit (innPress), drop unit (innDrop), horizontal and inclined impact units (innShock), and clamping unit (innClamp).

All this technology simulates realistic transport behavior and optimizes packaging helping companies to reduce their product's carbon footprint.

11. Could you tell us about how you overcame product failures/challenges or poor criticism?

In Safe Load Testing Technologies, we develop equipment and technology very robust and taking care of the development process to minimize the failure of our equipment. When a challenge appears, in Safe Load Testing Technologies, we behave the same way any other true professional deals with that. We stay resilient and never give up, we analyze deeply what needs to be solved, and we apply our findings and experience to succeed in solving those challenges. Always considering the need of our customers and being fast from the beginning.

12. is a connecting point for buyers and suppliers over the worldwide packaging-labeling industry. What's your opinion about our website which promotes & brands packaging-labeling today on such a wide scale?

Packaging-labelling allows us to connect with potential clients around the world through your website. It is a valuable feature because it is a very specialized market, so it is a great connection tool between customers and suppliers within the industry.