Van Rooijen Hendrik
About: Van Rooijen Hendrik - Sales & Marketing Manager

Euromac is one of the most important suppliers of slitter rewinders worldwide in terms of quantity of machines supplied, quality, diversification, customization and all what makes us one of the most appreciated suppliers globally.

1. Euromac is the leading producer of slitter’s rewinders. Brief us on its voyage and share some of the company’s milestones.

Euromac is one of the most important suppliers of slitter rewinders worldwide in terms of quantity of machines supplied, quality, diversification, customization and all what makes us one of the most appreciated suppliers globally. The company started as a small engineering studio for converting machines and after a decade engineering the owners decided to manufacture various converting equipment. In 1968, the newly established company was producing rotogravure presses as well as laminators and slitter rewinders. Only a few years later Euromac decided to proceed and develop itself with Slitting and Rewinding equipment. Since then Euromac is specialized in this field of converting. The first building in the historic location of Villanova Monferrato was a 2.000 sqm factory floor and manufacturing was mainly for inside Italian market. In the 70’s the factory floor doubled and export to Europe started especially in France, Spain and Germany. In the ’80’s additional 10.000 Sqm were added with subsequent growth of machine builds and export to North America and Asia reaching 30 machines sold yearly. The last few decades showed an additional increase in both factory floor as well as the number of employees, we reached 18.000 Sqm and 120 employees with over 1700 machines sold.

2. What is the future growth strategy of Euromac?

Euromac started the construction of additional factory floor for machine assembly, which will be ready in 2018 which is the year of our 50th anniversary. This will allow us to respond to the booming market of slitter rewinders and own success since our production capacity was reaching a saturation.

3. What are your business approaches to reach sales, marketing in the European and the North American market?

Euromac is participating in European and North American exhibitions and we have active sales in these regions, with sales agents and marketing campaigns. Although, the best marketing factor is the mouth-to-mouth development which goes through our clients worldwide.

4. How has the development of company products enhance your capability to meet the demands of slitter Rewinder’s industry?

There are two facades to this question. From an engineering point of view, Euromac utilizes the most recent forms of technology which is in continuous development. Motors, drives and controls are nowadays much more precise and allow a broader field of utilization, Euromac is continuously looking for the best technical solution with the historic partners or their alternative, to equip the slitter rewinders with state-of-the-art technology. Our machines are as an example equipped with Profinet connections and we can monitor the process remotely via VPN, something which was unbelievable decades ago. From a technological point of view, also our Customers have developed new materials, substrates which require a different approach to slitting and winding. This means that we have to implement new solutions in evaluation with the Customer. In any case generally speaking the new technology allows a more stable and precise job.

5. What are some of the major developments that Euromac can be proud of? Are there any other key strategic maneuvers?

We are both proud of having developed several technical solutions with patent pending and generally solutions that allow a more ergonomic and better process on our machines. But also of having been able to bound ourselves to global customers with repetitive orders. This is a sign of our reliability and flexibility.

6. Where will Euromac be focusing in the next 5 years, and how will you continue to differentiate yourselves in the crowded slitter Rewinder industry space?

Euromac will continue like always to try and make the best machines for the customers that will give us trust. We’ll keep the design and manufacturing fully under control and under our supervision. We’ll help to integrate our machines in the customer’s workflow.  And this is what has made us successful and diversified us from our possible competition.

7. Any special recognitions, awards or accomplishments you're particularly proud of?

Our owners have been appointed by the Italian ministry of labour for the continuity and development of Euromac throughout the years. EUROMAC has been rewarded with both the Gold Medal and the Award for the commitment to entrepreneurship and economic progress" issued by the Chamber of Commerce in Alessandria. These Awards are a tangible recognition of the gratitude that the Chamber of Commerce has for the Companies who have helped to affirm the culture of work and economic progress both locally and internationally. However, the best recognition is the global commercial success we are facing.

8. What are the current trends in slitter Rewinder industry, which have been exploited by Euromac under your leadership?

The main trends have always been productivity increase, ergonomics and automation. Nowadays 70% of our machines are i.e. equipped with blade setting systems, either semi or fully automatic. Additional automatic features such as roll loading and offloading devices are commonly utilized worldwide. However, in northern European and American markets where labour cost is much higher, our customer tend to equip their machines with fully integrated systems for the handling of slitted rolls and the packing and palletization. We have global partners for this feature since we Euromac focus ourselves on slitting and rewinding. Furthermore Euromac and our machines are ready for industry 4.0 protocol with many possible developments for the future.