Aliberico Food Packaging produces recyclable food containers

11 July 2018

Aliberico Food Packaging is providing recyclable Palco food containers, helping to reduce environmental impact

At Aliberico Food Packaging we are highly committed to the respect of the environment. Unlike other materials for food packaging systems, aluminium is 100% recyclable and its recycling process is very simple, consumes less energy and has a very low environmental impact.

Aliberico Food Packaging, in its firm commitment to sustainability and thanks to its highly sophisticated pressing equipment and cold deep drawing tools, produces high performance and quality food containers that do not alter either the natural taste or smell of food, are hygienic and offer a total barrier protection to the product.

Enjoy the summer, the beach and the takeaway food with Palco food containers from Aliberico Food Packaging.

Alibérico Food Packaging is the biggest Spanish manufacturer, and one of the most important in Europe of food containers, specialized in high quality packaging systems.

With more than 40 years of industrial experience, know-how and in-house technology, Alibérico Food Packaging designs and manufactures flexible aluminum containers for the food industry, pet-food, and airlines catering under our premium brands: Palco® and Alubest®.

Alibérico Food Packaging is the only supplier in the market that offers a complete packaging system, which combines a wide range of aluminum, plastic, paper and cardboard containers with lids and plastic films.

Through our Technical Department, we are able to provide specific developments completely personalized to each client´s needs.