Ardagh's new South Korean facility to supply metal cans for Sajo tuna range

Friday, Oct 09, 2015

Ardagh Group, a container manufacturer for food and beverage sector, has been contracted to supply cans for South Korean food processor, Sajo.

The 10-year contract will require Ardagh to produce cans at its newly commissioned wall-to-wall metal packaging facility in the country.

Ardagh will supply metal cans with Easy Peel lid for Sajo's tuna range and Sajo will become the first Korean company to use such packaging.

The company developed Easy Peel for processed food customers. This safe and easy opening packaging solution is up to 50% lighter than a standard end, Ardagh said.

Commenting on the contract, Ardagh metal division CEO David Wall said: "I would like to thank Sajo for trusting Ardagh to deliver on this project and we are very pleased to have established this long term partnership with one of the major players in the South Korean food industry.

"This is an important market for us, and to be able to meet the demanding requirements of our customer as well as secure the approval of the Government is an achievement we are proud of."

Sajo Haepyo CEO Inwoo Lee said: "We are really pleased with this long term partnership and it is particularly exciting to be able to apply Ardagh's state of the art Easy Peel lid to our cans as a significant benefit to our customers."

Besides Easy Peel, Ardagh also offers Easip and OptiLift opening solutions.

The company currently operates 54 production facilities globally.

In August, Ardagh designed a beer bottle for O'Fallon Brewery.

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