August Faller Group Defies Harsh Market with 3.5% Sales Growth

Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Increasing consolidation in the international pharmaceutical industry with persistent excess capacity for European packaging manufacturers have characterised market developments in the past business year.

This is what was reported Dr Michael Faller and Dr Daniel Keesman – the Presidents of the August Faller Group – at the annual press conference at the Waldkirch headquarters.“The high cost pressure in the healthcare market will not be filtered out and will be passed on to suppliers,” says Michael Faller. “By continuing to internationalise our medium-sized group, we are increasing our competitiveness,”Daniel Keesman stresses. By acquiring a Danish folding carton producer in Hvidovre, in Copenhagen, Denmark, it has been possible to open up new markets in Northern Europe. By establishing its folding carton production facilities in Lodz, Poland, Faller wants to utilise the benefits of an international production network. Manufacturing processes that are set up according to strict lean management principles, contribute to resisting the harsh price pressure in all locations. With sales of 120.3 million euros, Faller has wrung growth of 3.5 per cent out of the market and is therefore, according to its own estimate, above the industry average in the markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 2014.

Production facilities for folding cartons, adhesive labels and leaflets as well as the parent company in Waldkirch, where a new building for management has also been constructed, have all been modernised – with total investment of around 10 million euros.

The number of group employees increased from 1,050 to 1,147.50 apprentices were trained as young specialists in 10 professions and two dual education courses.

In 2014, the “Hanger Info Label”of the Schopfheimer Etiketten Center (Schopfheim Label Centre) was awarded the German Packaging Prize. This label was created for transfusion, infusion and injection bottles. The suspension device can be rotated and thus be brought into a vertical position, so it is guaranteed that all of the liquid in the bottle can be drained. Space to print information has also been created – thus providing practical support for carers.

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