Automated Packaging Systems: Mail-order fulfillment bagger

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2015

Automated Packaging Systems introduces the Autobag® 850S™ mail-order fulfillment bagger, an easy-to-use, inherently safe system with a small footprint.

The Autobag 850S runs mail bags up to 22 in. wide. Innovative bag opening technology grabs and securely grips the bag in load-ready position, creating a pass-through up to 11 x 11 in., making it ideal for bulky or multi-item orders. This arrangement also enables the use of a smaller, more completely filled bag to reduce material costs.

Bulky guards and awkward safety switches have been replaced by a wide open loading area with pressure sensors that instantly pause the closing and sealing process if anything touches the bag-loading mechanism. This unobstructed access improves productivity for faster operator throughput and more comfortable working conditions. An AutoTouch™ control screen provides quick access to job setup parameters, on-board diagnostics, data retrieval, performance monitoring, and a help system with operator tutorials.

A compact thermal-transfer imprinter is positioned in line with the next bag to be loaded and prints high-resolution graphics, text, bar codes, and personalized data directly onto the bag, eliminating the cost of printing and affixing separate shipping labels. The Autobag 850S fully integrates with customer databases for personalized 1:1 mail-order fulfillment packing and shipping.

Bag size changeovers are easily accomplished in less than five minutes with simplified threading and a new tension control system that automatically centers and monitors the film throughout the bagging process. A modular bag storage shelf built into the bagger conveniently supports genuine Autobag pre-opened bag-in-box materials.

Mail-order fulfillment and shipping applications that can benefit from this next-generation bag packaging technology include nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and a wide range of Internet-based products in medium-to-large volumes.

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