Bosch expands vertical packaging portfolio with new offerings

Monday, Aug 31, 2015

Bosch Packaging Technology is launching its vertical packaging lineup, including new SVC 2620 VFFS machine, for food producers, at FachPack 2015 next month.

The new addition is targeted at market segments demanding high hygiene requirements, such as salads, frozen food, milk powder or shredded cheese.

The new corner seal machine with vertical form, fill and seal, matches in its size with the existing SVC machine, avoiding the need to increase the floor space.

The device has the potential for producing up to four different pack styles, such as pillow bag, gusseted, block bottom and corner seal. It allows manufacturers of frozen foods utilize film material other than polyethylene for pillow bags.

Bosch Packaging Technology product manager Robert van Mol said: "At Bosch, we believe that taking a one-size-fits-all approach will not allow manufacturers to sufficiently address diverse and constantly evolving consumer preferences. While corner seal bags catch the consumer's eye in the fresh and frozen food aisles, the Doy Zip bag will win the hearts of snack and confectionery buyers.

"Bosch technology lets manufacturers produce these popular bag styles for specific market segments while also offering pack style flexibility, hygienic design and ease of use for maximum production efficiency."

The German company will introduce the SVE 2520 DZ vertical bagger, capable of producing up to 100 bags per minute, for nut, chocolate and confectionery manufacturers.

It can provide seven different bag styles, namely, pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, three-sided, and doy.

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