UK-based Connect Packaging invests £1.5m on equipments

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

UK-based Connect Packaging has invested more than £1.5m in purchasing equipments to enhance its potential in the shelf-ready packaging market.

The company based in Essex has purchased new printing equipment including a four-colour TCY case-maker and a new five-colour Super Flexo machine from Shanghai-based Jinchang Carton Machinery Manufacturing Company.

With the new printer, the company has succeeded in increasing its production capacity to 25,000 boxes per hour.

Aim of Connect's current investment, besides £750,000 investment in digital printing technology last year, is to underpin its expertise and opening new markets.

Some of Connect's clients include EGL Homecare that manufactures cleaning cloths and sponges and Primo Manufacturing with its two brands including Buster Plughole.

Connect packaging sales and marketing manager James Newton said: "Connect Packaging has built an excellent reputation for innovation and service. The installation of this cutting edge technology puts us at the forefront of our industry with the ability to provide fast turnaround times while offering competitive pricing and enhanced quality.

"We are already seeing impressive results from the Super Flexo machine in terms of its flexibility and quality. As consumers continue to change their loyalty to a newer breed of store where shelf-ready packaging reduces overheads, we're delighted to be at the heart of production to ensure their unique needs are met."

The company operated from a 100,000ft2 factory in Essex and records annual sales of around £10m.

Connect Packaging was acquired by West Midlands based CBS Packaging Group.

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