Coveris Rigid installs continuous compression moulding lines at German facility

1 November 2017

Coveris Rigid has installed two continuous compression moulding lines for cap and closure manufacturing at its facility in Ravensburg, Germany.

Currently, the Ravensburg facility is manufacturing 38mm cap and 38mm induction heat seal supertab for dairies in the UK.

Earlier, Coveris Rigid had carried out caps and closures manufacturing at its Mansfield facility in Nottinghamshire, UK.

The Ravensburg facility will now compliment the UK plant in the manufacturing of caps and closures.

The central location of Ravensburg will allow the company to expand its cap and closure market both in the UK and continental Europe.

Coveris produces its caps and closures through continuous compression moulding and without an injection point.

Coveris’ global rigid division provides or the consumer goods and food service sector.

With 21 factories in 14 countries, the division is specialised n the development and manufacturing of rigid plastic and paper packaging solutions.

In August, Coveris has invested in two Hosokawa Alpine coextrusion lines to expand its business in food and consumer sectors across the UK.

Coveris signed an agreement with KPMG, the administrators of Gelpack Excelsior, to buy the equipment, including its two five-layer Hosokawa Alpine coextrusion lines with further manufacturing assets.

The company has developed research and development technology in extrusion and coextrusion manufacturing incorporated with centre of excellence in Winsford, Cheshire and further capabilities in Louth, Lincolnshire.