EM Pharma installs two new TrakRap packaging systems

Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015

Consumer healthcare firm EM Pharma has deployed two TrakRap stretch wrapping packaging systems, capable of using 100% recyclable polymer film.

The trays in the system, developed by secondary packaging firm TrakRap, deploy ReelVision technology that works with the film and end up using lesser cartonboard.

One of the two systems wraps products completely uncollated, doing away with corrugate trays.

As a result, a lighter weight with 100% recyclable retail ready packaging (RRP) could be achieved for retailers, TrakRap said in a statement.

EM Pharma managing director Kevan Abley said: "Our partnership with TrakRap has enabled us to take a holistic view of secondary packaging, looking at the whole process - the film, machinery and tray, rather than each individual element.

"We've completely eliminated heat from the wrapping process, dramatically reducing our energy usage. The system allows us to be very responsive, and is easily configured to different pack sizes - eliminating film waste."

The latest additions are the third and fourth TrakRap systems at EM Pharma.

Last year, the packaging machinery supplier replaced EM Pharma's shrink wrap heat tunnels with stretch wrapping machinery.

This replacement is said to have led to 90% less energy as against traditional shrink wrapping for packaging ambient, chilled, frozen or volatile products.

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