Gerhard Schubert to introduce new TLM packaging machine in Germany

Friday, Aug 07, 2015

Gerhard Schubert will showcase a prototype of its TLM packaging machine sans an electrical cabinet, at the FachPack 2015 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, to be held between September 29 and October 1.

The absence of an electrical cabinet is expected to cut the maintenance costs of Schubert's robot-supported packaging devices, it will result in smaller heads for TLM machines, and fewer components.

As the machines belong to a decentralised control architecture for TLM robots, they do not require an electrical cabinet.

The remaining components of the machine feature a water cooling section, which raises the longevity of electrical equipment and cut down on waste heat.

The prototype will have Schubert's new 3D scanner that can spot products even under very low-contrast environment. The vision system calculates data from scanner to estimate the height profile and three-dimensional shape of the products.

Besides, the 3D scanner is capable of spotting defects. For instance, if a brown sandwich biscuit with brown cream misses its cover section, it automatically gets eliminated.

Gerhard Schubert has earlier displayed a TLM picker line with a 3D scanner at the IPACK-IMA trade show in Milan. The line uses the vision system of the packaging line from the 3D scanner for calculating the three-dimensional shape of the product.

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