GOEBEL, IMs and Rotomac introduces Slitting Rewinding Solutions at ICE Europe

Saturday, Jan 31, 2015

GOEBEL – Top Technology "Made in Germany"
At ICE Europe 2015, GOEBEL will be presenting its innovative, high-end slitter rewinder XTRASLIT 2. This  machine  has  been  setting  new  benchmarks  in  the  highly-productive  processing  of  metallised films,  cigarette  films, flexible  packaging  materials  and  sensitive  papers  with  working  widths  of  up  to 3600 mm and material thicknesses of between 2 and 400 µm. Depending on the material, the system permits speeds of up to 1200 m/min.  

Thanks  to  the  modular  machine  concept,  many  different  equipment  variants  can  be  configured according to customer requirements  – from the economical basic model to specific custom designs. The machine's slitting variants are just as flexible, varying according to the material, such as thin or thick film, paper or laminated or compound materials. Thanks to its compact, integrated construction in the  latest design, the XTRASLIT 2 provides  maximum efficiency, perfect winding quality  and a high level of occupational safety.  

GOEBEL will also be showcasing its established rewinding technology for narrow slits, the RAPID D1. This GOEBEL model has its roots in the 1930s and has enjoyed great success and popularity ever since. Today, more than ever, the RAPID D1 model qualifies through its special narrow slit application. This  unique  GOEBEL  slitting  system,  comprising  of  the  arrangement  of  top  and  bottom  cutter, spreader roller, and an extremely short web path from the unwind to the rewind section is integral to the RAPID D1’s long-term success. In combination with a printing line guide, this machine is able to slit special papers with a precision of down to +/-0,1mm along a printed line up to speeds of 800m/min. The rewind system of the RAPID D1 works with a single shaft, allowing for very simple loading and unloading.

IMS: Optimum Productivity for the Converting of Paper and Foil  
Italy-based IMS will be showcasing two machines at ICE Europe. The  IMS T2 is a very popular and traditional high level slitter model for the paper industry. This family of slitting machines with a single-shaft  center-driven  winding  concept  is  equipped  with  an  idle,  lay-on  roller.  The  T2  models  may  adapted to specific requirements with a large choice of upgrades for customers who need to reduce the involvement of labor and need to optimize productivity. The increased working speed of up to 1200 m/min  and  the  maximum  web  width  of  up  to  2m  allows  for  outstanding  levels  of  performance  and productivity.

For  the  converting  of  aluminium foil,  the  K100  is  the  IMS  converter  of  choice.  The  K100  allows  the embossing of patterns on aluminum foil through a motorized steel grooved roller. The machine’s built eliminates  any  possibility  for  mechanical  backlash.  The  maximum  web  width  is  1300mm,  with  a maximum mechanical speed of up to 300m/min.  
All  IMS  machines  can  be  customized,  providing  high  quality  solutions  for  every  customer’s  needs, making IMS the international reference point for converting. Our sales representatives at ICE Europe will be happy to help with customization requests and provide detailed information.  

Premium Embossing for Aluminium Foil by Rotomac
Rotomac’s versatile 145sG model converts aluminium foil from plain mother roll to embossed finished product  in  one  continuous  operation.  This  automatic  rewinding  machine  produces  rolls  of  micro-embossed  aluminium  foil,  but  also  standard  aluminium  foil,  plastic  film,  and  baking  paper  rolls  for household  uses.  In  a  single  process,  the  145sG  transforms  conventional  smooth  aluminium mother rolls into rolls of embossed foil. The micro-embossing unit is an integral part of the rewinding machine, being  installed  within  the  frame  of  the  machine  itself.  The  individual  embossing  rollers  are  pre-assembled  into  a  modular  unit  that  can  easily  and  quickly  be  removed  and  replaced  with  one  of  a
different design, allowing a wide range of different patterns.  

“We  are  greatly  looking  forward  to  this  year’s  ICE  Europe.  As  it  is  the  world’s  leading  exhibition  for paper, film & foil converting, it’s the perfect chance for us and our colleagues at IMS and Rotomac to meet our customers and partners and present the latest product and company developments,” says Andreas Hollmann, CEO of GOEBEL Schneid- und Wickelsysteme.

GOEBEL,  IMS,  and  Rotomac  look  forward  to  welcoming  you  at  ICE  Europe,  hall  A6,  booth  266.



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