Indian Institute of Packaging to help boost NE packaging industry

Monday, Dec 21, 2015

The Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) on Friday said it wants to enhance the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in the northeast by creating awareness about the importance of proper packaging.

The institute has organized a seminar in the city on Saturday to help micro, small and medium entrepreneurs find opportunities in the food processing sector in the northeast region, said IIP's Guwahati chairman S Bhattacharjee .

The institution has conducted similar seminars in Agartala, Aizawl, Imphal, Shillong, Tezpur, Itanagar, and Dimapur.

In spite of producing a substantial amount of food items and products, producers of the region have failed to market their goods, partly due to lack of proper packaging, Bhattacharjee said and added that the institute is committed to ensuring capacity development of the packaging industry here.

"Sharing knowhow and new technology is an important aspect of making people involved in the industry aware. Today, India ranks fifth among 30 emerging retail markets in developing counties, but the country is witnessing great loss. It is reported that as much as 40% of India's fresh and processed food is lost due to improper harvesting, lack of storage facility, mishandling, transit loss, improper and unscientific packaging," said Bhattacharjee.

The IIP can play a major role in boosting the export market by innovative package design and development and standardization, he said.

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