Jamestrong Packaging Australia & New Zealand Joins Empac

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Empac, European Metal Packaging, the association bringing together European producers of rigid metal packaging and their supply chain partners, has announced that Jamestrong Packaging Australia & New Zealand has become its first international associate member.

With its head office in Melbourne, Australia, Jamestrong Packaging has recently been formed following the acquisition of Ardagh Australia Pty. Ltd. and Ardagh New Zealand Ltd. by Shanghai Yuanlong Investment Co Ltd., a major shareholder in ORG Packaging in China. Jamestrong Packaging supplies cans to a wide range of sectors producing tinplate food, nutrition and aerosol cans alongside aluminium aerosol cans and bottles. Jamestrong Packaging is a leader or close #2 in its selected markets. It operates out of 3 plants in Australia and 2 plants in New Zealand producing around 600 million cans p.a. and employs close to 400 people.  
John Bigley, Managing Director of Jamestrong Packaging says, “We selected Empac due to its clear mission to defend and promote metal packaging and the wide range of services it can offer our group. Additionally, Empac provides precious insights into European packaging developments, which impact our customers. Our industry can benefit significantly from speaking with one voice on key issues such as sustainability.”
“We are delighted to welcome Jamestrong Packaging to our organisation as our first international associate member. This represents another important step as we continue to grow and partner with major players from the metal packaging sector, even beyond European borders. We live in a global economy in which companies need to develop appropriate strategies to provide their customers with a comprehensive set of products and services. More than ever, Empac will continue its goal to ensure that metal is internationally recognized as a sustainable and unique packaging material,” says Gordon Shade, CEO of Empac. 

Empac is tasked with defending and promoting the rigid metal packaging industry in Europe by communicating on the sustainability and the many unique advantages of  metal  packaging. The organisation provides information and support to  its members and regulatory bodies in the European Union and disseminates best manufacturing practice and guidelines through  technical committees comprising acknowledged experts in their field. The industry comprises more than 300 manufacturing sites and 60,000 employees producing over 85 billion units a year.

In  2011,  metal  packaging  reached  a  record  73%  recycling  rate  in  Europe,  with  a growing number of countries achieving in excess of 80%.

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