Kush Bottles Unveils New Product Packaging Design and Development Services

28 September 2017

Kush Bottles, Inc., a leading provider of packaging, supplies, vaporizers, accessories, and branding solutions for the regulated cannabis industry, announced today that it has created a new professional services program to develop unique, custom-formed child-resistant packaging systems. The company can now offer an entire range of packaging solutions, from certified child-resistant pop-tops and exit bags, to proprietary and exclusive shapes that create a one-of-a-kind look and feel.

Nicholas Kovacevich, Chief Executive Officer of Kush Bottles, said the demand for custom packaging solutions continues to grow. "When you look at other product categories, you see the importance that unique packaging has to a product's success," Kovacevich commented. "From the unique Coca-Cola bottle, to the new Tide Laundry Detergent Pods, to the famous Tic Tac container, it is packaging that often sets a product apart from its competition, and helps it create a powerful brand and consumer following."

"Packaging is a function of both physical distribution as well as advertising," Kovacevich said. "The look, feel and functionality of packaging is an integral component of a product and its brand," he said. "It provides protection to the product from being damaged during its handling; it can create a child-resistant barrier; and it also presents a powerful brand message while acting as a silent salesman."

Using a combination of in-house CAD drawings and new 3-D Printing, Kush is able to create custom designs and make prototypes that are rapid and cost effective.

"We've taken this important step in expanding our service offering to prepare for the emergence of larger producer/processors that have the volume necessary to innovate and create truly unique packaging solutions for their products," Kovacevich said. "The industry continues to grow rapidly and we believe this move further strengthens our ability to service the evolving market."


Source: prnewswire.com