Linx launches two fiber lasers for diversified coding

Wednesday, Jul 15, 2015

Linx Printing Technologies has introduced two fiber lasers, Linx FSL20 and Linx FSL50, for both static and moving production settings.

For materials, such as, metals, plastics, paper and glass, the fiber laser technology puts to use energy-efficient coding with a fine spot size that leaves behind permanent codes.

Across aerospace, automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, medical devices and tooling and FMCG packaging sectors, the fiber lasers are utilized for a range of applications including creation of small codes for anti-counterfeiting, bigger codes for promotions and codification of a large amount of information on a smaller area.

Linx Printing Technologies laser product manager Matt Eastham said: "With our new fibre lasers we have developed a coder that meets our customers' most important criteria - easy integration, reliable operation and the flexibility to deliver high quality codes of any description across the widest range of substrates.

"The Linx FSL20 and FSL50 are class-leading variants and an important addition to our laser coder offering, giving our customers the reassurance of a coding solution that is exactly right for their operation."

The new products are said to require smaller footprint.

Four different lenses enable customization of for both static and moving environments.

Besides, the Linx fibre lasers, armed with IP54 rated marking head, have a laser source lasting over 100,000 hours. Air cooling feature does away with leaks or clogging usually associated with a water-cooled system.

There is also an option of Beam Turning Unit (BTU) that empowers Linx fibre lasers to code at right angles.

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