Marchesini to present new Integra 520 V blister packaging line in China

16 October 2015

Packaging lines and machinery company Marchesini Group will present its new blister packaging line Integra 520 V at China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition and China-Pharm this year.

The new compact, integrated and robotic line with thermoformer and a cartoner sections can package blisters in cartons at an incredible speed.

The thermoforming station is arranged at the back of the machine in order to reduce the space occupied the machine.

The machine comes with an advanced pusher unit, drum type carton opening to manage very high speeds and a new leaflet pick and place system.

It has the capacity to produce close to 520 blisters and up to 500 cartons per minute. Each blister and carton comes with its own leaflet.

The blisters produced will be made out of Alu+PVC, PVDC, PET, Alu and other materials, while the cartons produced feature tuck-in or glued flap closure.

The material is formed either by compressed air for PVC, PVDC and ACLAR, by air and plug assist for difficult-to-shape plastic and by a purely mechanical solution of forming dies for aluminum.

The forming material is positioned correctly with the help of a servo-driven transfer for the infeed stroke, which is adjusted automatically without the use of tools.

The servo-driven heating plates open automatically if the machine stops so as not to strain the film.

Marchesini said that the Integra 520 V is ideal for single-blister solutions and it meets the demand for increasing production speeds in the Chinese market.