Metsä Board exhibits new SkinCare gift box design at Luxe Pack 2017

3 October 2017

Metsä Board is showcasing new SkinCare gift box design at this year’s Luxe Pack event in Monaco.

The event is being held between 2 and 4 October.

At the event, the company is also exhibiting its product and service portfolio, comprising of advanced paperboards and related services.

The new gift box is said to use the firm’s folding boxboards and microflute structures developed from white kraftliners.

The advanced cartons’ inner tray and outer packaging are developed by using molded fresh fibre pulp, which are made from Metsä Fibre.

Metsä Board design and innovation director Cyril Drouet said: “Our target for the new and improved cartons was to keep all the appreciated benefits: light-weight materials, elimination of the plastic wrap and the unique opening experience for each box.

“In addition, the new cartons are now designed to be easier to run on packing lines as well as adding the possibility to reclose each box after opening.

“The new SkinCare carton structures offer a 20% to 30% weight reduction when compared to traditional cartons.”

In March, Metsä Board launched a new paperboard cup design concept called Lidloc, which eliminates the use of separate lid.

Launched at the recently held Packaging Innovations Exhibition held in Birmingham, UK, the newly developed patented design is based upon an extension to a standard cup structure that folds and locks into an integrated lid.

In addition to eliminating the use of a separate plastic lid, the packaging design offers a new insight into the production, consumption and recycling of paperboard cups.