Optima Packaging Group develops onsite carton can line

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Germany-based Optima Packaging Group has developed a new modular carton cans line that provides benefits in logistics.

The new Inline Cans can be made, filled and closed in a single process, avoiding the transport of empty cartons to the place of processing.

Inline cans are transported in the form of reel, which can be converted into the base and body of the can. The lids, however, need to be transported ready-made.

The technology can be extended to end-packaging.

Optima has developed the new concept in collaboration with German machine manufacturer Hörauf.

According to the company, Inline Cans increase the efficiency of warehouse by 30 times as 15,000 cans are obtained from one roll. It reduces transport, storage, packaging, and availability cost.

Optima said in a statement: "Depending on the product, the appropriate dosing systems are integrated in the machine, for example, for the processing of sweets, snacks, cereals, coffee, tea, milk powders or other products.

"In combination with certified and legally calibrated weighing technology the dosing results are absolutely precise and reduce product giveaway to a minimum.

"The closed can is then brought immediately to the secondary packaging station."

The company has received first supply order, which will be delivered at the beginning of 2016.

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